I have today been feeling a cramp like sensation on the left side of my face up towards my temple area, is this common? and is it something that I should be really worried about? Newly diagnosed last November. and advise/help would be very much appreciated.

hi loony

probably is an ms symptom (it’s weird enough).

see your GP then contact your ms nurse.

it needs logging down.

one of my earliest symptoms was bell’s palsy which made my face droop on one side.

neuralgia is a common symptom.

my best advice is to snuggle down and rest.

keep warm and seriously rest.

carole x

Hi catwomancarole58

Thank you for your response, I have only managed to see it today so I will most definitely contact my gp on Monday morning and also call the ms nurse. the feeling continued for most of the night but seems to have eased off a lot today. I will still do as you suggested though, as I do think it needs to be logged, and I have also been having muscle ache in the back of my left thigh for a good week or so now, so I think it will be good to let them know about that too, I did think that it may have been due to doing somthing, but who know’s, is it is isn’t it all ms related. Thanks again and to be honest it’s nice to have a little input from someone else who know’s what I’m talking about.

Lorna x

hi lorna

have you got an ms nurse?

are you on a DMD?

these things need to be pushed for sometimes.

i can usually tell what is ms and what isn’t.

if i can’t describe it in a way that my husband and sons can understand then it’s ms,

it’s such a freaky disease that only other freaks can understand.

take care

carole x