Arm pain...feels like cramp?

Hi all… I have been experiencing something in the middle of my left arm that I haven’t been able to describe but it just hit me - it’s a cramped muscle feeling.

My arm has not been right for a while - it has felt like somebody has punched it for some time and previous to this in odd occasions it’s got randomly tired (but I put that down to doing naff all through covid) over the past 4 weeks - maybe a bit longer I have been having really sharp muscle cramps in my upper arm - I haven’t been able to describe it before tonight as never had cramp anywhere other than foot and legs.

I have a history of weird stuff (permanent pins and needles in feet after in full body and face about 6 years ago - I have funky vision in right eye (like a ghostly double vision shadow) my face got possessed by its own muscles the other week - I found a video on youtube of what it looked like the video called it facial Myokymia (I don’t know if that’s what I have but that’s what husband said it looked like) and all day today I have a trilling flutter going on and off at the back of my head)…

Gp has openly said he thinks it MS but neuro said all reflexes normal a few weeks ago and he doesn’t think so. I have brain and neck mri on Monday and nerve study later in month.

What I’m hoping to find out is is ms stiffness and spasm like cramp?

And has anybody else had the weird crawly face thing? I’ve asked before and nobody answered…

Many thanks
Tingles aka Emma xxx