Face numb

Well a new thing today, the left side of my face and eye socket feels numb, and the left side of my lips and toungue feels tingling and as if it’s swelled up. Like I’ve been punched in the face!

It doesn’t hurt and my vision seems ok, could this be the startt of ON?

Ugh I hate this sometimes, the worry more than anything else, and the "what will happen tomorrow feeling.

I hope this goes soon,

hi reebe

last new years eve my face went numb from my chin to just below my eyes but was only left with roof of my mouth numb the next day but that did lead to an mri the end of jan and a dx of rrms the begining of march as neuro seen this as a mild relapse but did show 2 new lesions on brain if your left with any symptoms after 24hrs contact your ms nurse or gp as it could lead to a further mri or dx if you don’t already have one

take care


Thanks baz I have similar happening on the right side Frank

i have noticed numbness on the left side of my face, tingly lips,its a kind of cold feeling,so far has not lasted more than maybe a minute at a time, so you are not alone! don’t know if i should be worried about this?

The right side of my face went numb and lasted about three months. So strange the full half head mouth tongue nose very strange, started with my gums and lips and tingles. Everything is fine now this was last year but certain parts of my chin still feel not the same s before. X

Its strange the numbness on one side, I burned my mouth with hot food that was on the good side, the numbside was ok.? F.