Facial Tingling


Just need some advice (relatively newly diagnosed RRMS)

I have recovered (as much as I’m going to) from the relapse that got me the diagnosis. Been on the level/baseline for about 5-6 months now. Living my ‘normal’ life.

For past 1.5 weeks I have been getting a tingling over one side of my face and my chin. It’s not sharp or pricking, it’s very light & gentle, feels like I’ve got 100 ants marching over my face. It’s not numb to touch but feels like it’s leading up to a numbness. It lasts a few minutes then goes away and can happen 2-3 times a day, some days not at all, other days several times. As the days go on, I feel like it’s spreading slightly further/wider on my face and slightly more intense, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s just weird.

I have no other illnesses/viruses going on. No dental/mouth/teeth pain. I am not stressed or under any pressure. I have got some head pain back again, not headache but the type of headpain I had during last relapse only milder and intermittent. (During last relapse it was constant).

I am making the assumption that it’s an MS thing but I haven’t told anybody.

First question: Does this sound familiar to anybody?

Second question: Should I do anything about it / tell my MS Nurse, so that it’s ‘logged’? Or just wait and see if things gets worse or go away?

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

I do get something similar I am ppms so might be differant yes tell ms nurse

if you can’t get hold of your ms nurse, tell your GP so that it gets logged on your records.

good that it doesn’t cause pain.

carole x

I added it to my list last year of increasing or new symptoms, now there is a massive list. It shows roughly the date it started so I have some sort of tracker on what is going on. It tends to be close to a period of not being able to feel my head, sounds weird. If I touch my face or head, I know it is there but I cannot feel it either through my skin or fingers, it is a bit odd. Never lasts for more than a day. I can touch my head in the mirror, see what is happening and not feel it. I get tingling on my ankles too aswell as my face. I have found that light massive with a nice oil tends to alleviate it a bit.

Get it logged, it certainly sounds like a relapse. The more relapses you have, the more likely you are to get on a good strong drug that will slow down your deterioration (or may reverse it if the one you choose is Lemtrada).