Hi, I wonder if anyone can advice me. Not dx but told probable ms. I had burning pain in my hands and tight feeling, very tight on my arms. A great reduction from pins and needles all over and the boa constrictor around my torso which I intially had. For the last 6 months I can’t seem to walk properly resulting in a very painful heel that throbs if I lift it of the ground. I can’t walk very far anymore before I start to stumble and the pain gets worse and for the last month my arms feel like I’ve hit my funny bone. It feels like my hands are twitching though this isn’t visible and now the strange feelings are across my collar bones up my neck and to my jaw that feels like I’m continuously stifling a yawn. My dr says she is no expert on ms and I don’t seen to get any further with advice. I live in north yorkshire. Haven’t been assigned an ms nurse and don’t know if I can be given that I’m undiagnosed. Any help ?

Hi, your symptoms are v. Similar to what I’ve had/have. Have you had any tests done? You need to go see a specialist consultant who can diagnose and help you from there with your symptoms. Have these symptoms ever got better or have they been constant and, if so, how long have you had them? The torso one, or ‘ms hug’ is the WORST I’m so sorry. I had that last year for a few months and struggled with it on my wedding day! In fact, the corset on my dress helped with the feeling lol! Some nights I would scream out that I couldn’t breathe because of the damn MS hug, it was horrible, felt like it was crushing my chest. X

Hi, thanks for replying. The ms hug has subsided greatly. Its a year that all these symptoms started and initially it involved all my body. Its stayed in my arms and hands and the walking problem is recent. Jaw and neck are new as is the funny bone being hit feeling. I take pregabalin. I had a couple of mri’s and they found a couple of lesions and an area of activity in neck area. O bands in csf. Just wish it would go.

If you’ve developed these new symptoms since seeing your neuro, then it sounds like it is time for a new appointment.

Your GP should refer you. An increase in your pregabalin sounds like it might be helpful too, as would a referral to neurophysio so they can have a look at your walking.

Time to go nag the GP I reckon!

Karen x

My MRIs show the same as you re the neck! I had a recent bout of weakness in my right leg and severe pain in my hip which actually left me using a wheelchair for a couple of weeks but then suddenly, it was gone. I was on Naproxen during this time but stopped it and I’ve taken Pregabalin before too but it didn’t work. I hope your relapse doesn’t stay for long. But you need to go to your GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist specialising in MS. Be insistent.