Path to diagnosis

Ive been on a 9 year journey to find out whats wrong with me. I have done more blood tests in the last year then i ever thought possible. Im currently waiting to have an MRI done on Brain and Cervical spine. I had slight muscle fatigue in both legs and arms for 7 years. The last 2 years it has become almost unmanageable. I have chronic migraines and thyroid issues. In the last year ive had issues with numbness around my mouth but it does last more then a few minutes. And also tingling and numbness in my hands and fingers. Only once in my feet. I have some trouble with vision as in having half blurred vision. And i was looking into the MS hug ans i feel as if that falls into what im feeling as well. Its an excruciating dull ache that consumes my entire lower back and stomach. It truly does feel like a girdle. I also have congnitive issues and blance issues. Lightheaded constandly and the feeling of being drunk. But my muscle fatigue and weakness is becoming worse and worse. I keep active enough but it takes all i have. Ive just done so many tests and everything is pretty normal. I cant imagine what else could be wrong.

Hi KristenE

Welcome to the forum, I hope you get some insight into what is causing the various issues you are having. Good to hear you have MRI’s lined up, here’s hoping that you can get some answers soon. I was diagnosed with MS in December last year, just over 9 years from the start of my journey.

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Hi KristenE. Sorry to hear about your years of problems and I hope the MRI scan helps in identifying the cause. In case you haven’t had an MRI before - don’t be surprised by all the clunk click and whirring noises. My MS hug wasn’t excruciating but yes it can feel like I am being hugged too tightly. I’ve sort of learned how to relax a bit during a hug. Not easy but I sit down , focus on ‘relaxed’ deep breaths for a while and try to relax the ‘girdle’.

I hope you soon find out what’s behind your various symptoms and get some treatment.

All the best to you

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Thankyou TheresaB! Im really hoping these tests show something this week. Im so tired mentally of trying to figure out whats wrong with myself and doing my own research. Sounds like it took you the same amount of time to do the same.
I hope there is a treatment plan thats qorkimg foe you!

Hi Hank_Dogs. Thankyou for your reply! And thankyou for the heads up on all the commotion with the upcoming MRI. Ive heard that about them. I appreciate you explaining the MS hug as you experienced it. Its hard to tell if thats exactly what im experiencing but it sure feels like it.
Im very anxious to get all this testing done this week. I was scheduled last week but they canceled on me. So that was a bit disappointing.
Hope your doing well!

A quick reply. I get an annual MRI and even after some 17 or so of them, it’s not my favourite experience. Where I am you can take in your own favourite- and I would suggest relaxing - music/ sounds/ or I guess poetry or book reading. I’ve never done it but I think you hand in a CD or USB or similar for them to play over headphones ( which they put on you as a normal part of the scan). Don’t take in anything funny though - you are supposed to stay as still as possible :grinning: