Hello, I have had fasiculations in my hands for 4 years, saw neurologist- not concerned. I occasionally now get cramp like spasms right down either leg upon waking in the morning but can quickly shake them off. I have been taking magnesium lately and don’t have these so much. For the past two years or so I have had tremors in my hands and if stressed all over. Also for the past two years I have hand slow involuntary movements in my fingers and hands which is what I am asking about, I have searched everywhere I can think of but to no avail. Dystonia all seem to be jerky. My hand (or even foot or toes) can be at rest (either hand) when a finger or thumb will slowly rise or tremble rapidly. The whole forearm can move from resting beside me if I am sitting in a chair to being stretched out and raised up. It’s like I’m a string puppet being manipulated in very slow motion. Has anyone experienced this disconcerting movement? I am 72 and do have osteoarthritis but I can’t connect either to these odd movements. Thank you.