Symptom or carpal tunnel?

Hi everyone.

I’m still lurking 2 years later. All (most) of my symptoms cleared up over a six month period and a quick examination by the neurologist gave me the ‘all clear’. She said that my symptoms were not a typical presentation of ms as they were all neuropathies and nothing systemic. I can’t help but feel that I’m just ‘waiting’ for that something major so that I can then relate back to all of the weird bits and pieces that to me add up to something not being right. But hey ho, just waiting…

In the mean mean time I wonder if you could give me your thoughts in numb hands at night. I rarely get any problems during the day but I go through patches where I wake up in the morning with literally no hand lol! I have to dangle and shake it around and it comes back quite quickly. Other times it wakes me during the night because it’s gone past the numb stage and is quite painful. It also feels like a dead weight, really heavy and awkward to lift, but again comes back really quick. Can be either side and then it’s all good for a few months.

I’m not going back to the gp with it because it’s not bothering me that much and I don’t suppose they will be that interested. If it’s carpal tunnel it’s not bothering me enough to do anything about it yet. My question is though, could this be a symptom? I’ve notice lots of people report numb hands at night but I’m not sure if it’s the same as I am having?

Other than that the only thing left is a fizzy left foot which has persisted over the last two years.

Many thanks in advance. Keep safe. X