Numbness at night when asleep

Hello, I was diagnosed earlier this year with MS. I have been waking up during the night to find parts of my upper body have went numb and I dont appear to have been sleeping on it or lying in an awkward position. I woke up during the night and both my hands mainly fingers were numb. I have also had this feeling in upper left arm between my shoulder and elbow. By the morning normal feeling has returned. Am I being paranoid and just assuming its due to my MS?

I get this too, I haven’t yet been diagnosed and so scared! Xx

Yes normal for MS. Peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage). I wake up with severe tingling in my legs so bad i cant really feel them, once i manage to get up they come back to life. I have had dead arms and hands, and my left side is always compromised when i have slept.

I always SHAKE a leg lol and it comes back.

weirdly enough way back in 1981 i would wake up every morning with a dead left arm, went to the doctor as i was worried and he said stop SMOKING (i was smoking 5 a day back then). I stopped smoking it didnt make any difference, then suddenly just disappeared and i never had it again. I do wonder if some how it was connected to what came next.

Have you had your B12 checked as this can also cause this.

the joys of having MS. xxx try not to be too scared it happens to most of us at some point. x p.s. it could also be a sign you need a new mattress…just a thought. xxxx