Not sure what to take as MS or just other problems

Hi all,

Last year I had a bad flu which cause a palsy in my left eye, not letting it move left, this lasted for 8 months and is thankfully better now. Unfortunately during the MRI it was discovered there several brain lesions, one causing the palsy in the eye.

The neurologist has declared that the event was a singular occurrence and stated it is not MS. Though I am to be checked up periodically to make sure.

What the issue now though is I have what I belive to be carpal tunnel in my left hand. This would be fine as my job is tech based and I am at a laptop all day. I’m getting myself into a fit over it though due to reading up ways to relive the pain and everywhere keeps mentioning MS as a cause.

I do have a link to my local MS nurse team to contact them but I feel that it would be bothersome for just carpal tunnel. What is making me think it is more than just the CT is the left side of lower chest is losing some sensation now too.

I honestly don’t know what could be turning into MS or is just myself being a bag of bits.

Any advice?



I had carpal tunnel a few years ago. I had a small op and was sorted very quickly with no more problems. Even after being diagnosed with MS recently my carpal tunnel has never returned. I don’t think it was connected to my MS and I’m sure yours isn’t either. My carpal tunnel caused pain from my hand to my elbow, shoulder and left side of chest. That all disappeared after the little procedure.

Don’t assume your pain is ms related, I’m sure it isn’t. Carpal tunnel is painful but can in most cases be sorted easily and quickly.

All the best x

Thanks for the info Pops.

Had my visit to my GP and they said to get in touch with my nurse. The numbness in the chest gave her a pause of concern and she is going to bring it up with my neurologist in the morning. So your words did manage to relive some worry but they have unfortunately been securely brought back.

I’ll find out by tomorrow it seems now.

Always best to get these things checked out. It is far better to consult the experts than let worries fester, so you have done exactly the right thing, referring it to the MS nurse for a view.