Numb hands - an update

Hello all

i hope you’re bearing up.

I just wanted to write this post to give you an update on my 2 year investigation on why both my hands go fully numb at night.

I’ve had numb hands every night for the last 2 years. About 18 months ago I went to see a specialist who diagnosed mild carpal tunnel syndrome. I was told it was so mild I didn’t need treatment but it was likely the cause.

With a lot of research in that time and on a lot of advice by GPs I’ve realised it’s not Carpal Tunnel. My MS Nurse wants me to rule it out so I’m going back to see the hand surgeon again! Apparently Carpal Tunnel only causes numbness in part of the hand.

It’s so frustrating as my hands go completely numb, and tingling in my hands was my first MS symptom.

I’m at the end of my tether with it all. I can’t sleep because my numb hands wake me up all night.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone else going through the same thing.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the specialist.

take care

L x


I get the numb hands when going to sleep on my back. This is one of my ms symptoms that wake me up - along with hip pain when sleeping on my side. I have had this for a few years now. Never found a solution and my Neuro says nothing can be done for numbness. Oh well, just carry on.

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Can’t comment on numb hands but the tingling hands was my first M. S symptom and carpel tunnel is easy to rule out, but probably need to see a neurologist and have an mri scan for a clearer picture, good luck

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I’ve had numb hands for over 20 years, after many tests its was put down to carpel tunnel.

Its like they are gloved all the time, and it constantly feels like I’m wearing a watch strap that is a bit too tight, which I’m not !

I even had a brain and spine MRI that the neuro at the time said was all clear, hence the carpel tunnel approach.

Then 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with MS a different neuro said the numb hands were almost certainly the start of the MS all those years ago !!

In fact he pulled up the old scans and pointed out very faint spine lesions that the original neuro missed.

Like you, numb hands or altered sensation in my hands was my first MS symptoms, without a doubt !!

A tip my specialist nurse said to try was give your hands a good vigorous shaking, if the symptoms ease slightly then it could possibly be carpel tunnel.

Thanks for your reply, really helpful.

They tend to blame Carpal Tunnel for a lot of things. However a few GPs have said it’s definitely not that. Both my hands go completely numb and CTS only affects part of the hand.

My MS Nurse has said many times she thinks it’s the MS but wants me to get CTS ruled out.

My last MRI showed no new lesions so my Neuro concluded that it’s CTS. It’s possible that some faint lesions have been missed.

My Sister in Law has MS and gets numb hands too. I know my own body but will go through the process to hopefully get answers.

Take care

L x

My sister also has MS and she also suffers with numb hands, in fact I would say that ALL our MS symptoms have mirrored each other at some time or another.

Thank you Hun, I’m totally convinced it’s the MS but getting other things ruled out x

also numbness in the hands