First signs of MS

Has anyone had pain/numbness/tingling in hands and feet as a first symptom of MS, or know that it can be? My gp says ‘MS does not present in this way’, yet I’m always reading that these symptoms in more than one area is typical of MS.

Yes, my first symptom was exactly that and I was told the same. I was originally diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome due to pain and pins & needles/numbness in my left hand only, but it was only when other symptoms started (blurred vision, speech problems, sensory changes) that I put it all together. It was me who told my GP to refer me to a neurologist! This doesn’t mean it IS MS though, I’m just saying that’s what happened for me!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: I don’t think there are many ways that MS can’t present, although some things are more common than others. Saying that, I would think that initial problems with hands and feet are more typical of a peripheral nervous system or cardiovascular problem because hands and feet are a long way apart in central nervous system terms, but either way it’s something that needs investigating. Best to keep an open mind. Even if it is your central nervous system, there are loads of possibilities, some of which only happen once and some of which are treatable. Karen x

My first noticeable symptom which lasted a long time (well it still is tingling) was loss of sensation in my hand but I did also lose strength and feeling in most of my left side at that point. However on diagnosis I then realised that other things that had happened in the past which were not as noticeable were probably the first signs that anything was wrong. As Rizzo says though best to keep an open mind.

My first symptom was in my toes. They would go numb on and off.

Yours could be a result of another problem though so get it checked out

thanks everyone for replying. I am trying to keep an open mind. I have had Raynauds for 24 years, and have wondered if it could be peripheral neuropathy caused by nerve damage from the Raynauds, but I have never heard of this though.