Swollen Foot

I have a question for all you lovely peeps…

Have any of you experienced swelling in on foot only? My right foot has been quite significantly swollen from the ankle to the toes for quite a while now. This is the same leg with which I have lots of problems, eg: tingling, numbess, heaviness, weakness etc, and I am wondering if this is connected. I have noticed that this ankle and foot and lower leg are now feeling increasingly stiff and ‘wooden’, too.

My left foot does swell to a lesser degree when I have been on my feet for about 30 mins or more (not very often these days!) but this soon goes down but my right one just seems to be constanty swollen. I do have a couple of pockets of fluid on my left ankle, but I have put that down to a bad sprain last year.

I was wondering if it was the heat, but then I would assume that both feet would swell more or less the same, and that it would go down when I put them up. The right one doesn’t go down regardless of how long I sit with it up.

Is this something I should go and see my ever-so approachable and open-minded GP about??!!

Sorry…I mean one foot, not on foot!!!

Hello Purpledot, I would go and get it checked out with your gp just to be on the safe side. Janet x

Did you get to the gp about your foot? I also have a swollen foot on my bad leg. I fell off my bike on to my other side with no broken bones, but plenty of bruises! I was able to walk all over Paris the following day with no pain. However the next day my foot was swollen and painful. I’ve had an xray and nothing broken, not that I was expecting it to be but its like I’ve sprained it, without going over on it! I have seen a few articles about feet swelling, but it seems it’s more to do with inactivity and I had just cycled 130 miles to Paris a few days before and I also have a dog to walk, so I’m not inactive. So was wondering what response you got.

Hi Sallum I did mention it to my GP, who said it was non-pitting oedaema (?sp) due to the heat! When I queried the fact that it was only one foot he just shrugged his shoulders and muttered something about it being unusual but possible. If you are still worried about your foot, I would definitely get it looked at. PD xx

I saw my gp who said he’d get my xray looked at again but I really don’t think it is broken and I also think it’s unlikely to be broken. I also don’t think it’s the heat so there has to be another reason. Fortunately, my cousin is coming round tonight who is a gp. I hate to talk about my problems with him but I’m sure the subject will come up! Has your swelling gone now? Sharon x

Yes, my swelling has gone now…despite jt being just as hot now as it was then! At least your GP is going to have another look at your x-ray…better safe than sorry. Good luck with your cousin, too…how handy!! PD xx