I went swimming tonight for the 1st time since my major relapse(over 3 years ago).

They call it Therapy Swim at our local leisure centre. There are all sorts of aids, floats etc to help you and special steps to help you in and out.

I wish Id have gone before, I feel so good, legs a bit tingly but nothing too bad. Cant wait till next week!

Lyn x

Maybe I should try that - my walking is hard even with a zimmer - am restricted to a wheelchair downstairs.


Hi Lyn,

Great minds think a like.

Got a bee in my head,last week that i fanced a swim,after surfing the web for wheelchair axcess.

I found out that only place that is wheelchair friendly is only 20 mins away.

So went a long in the week to see for my self,The set up is great, large roon to get changed,and they have a wet wheelchair and a ramp to get in the pool,need to ring and make sure that no one else is using it.

I am looking forward to going next week.

Marcus the pool in question is at Levenmouth,think you would like it.

Take Care.


Hi, glad to hear you are enjoying swimming so much.

I have always enjoyed swimming and felt confident, even going by myself up to quite a few years ago.

But when my ability to walk ceased, I was still able to move my legs in the water and wondered how this could be.This continued for a couple of years, then my legs just floated.

But last week, I went swimming after a 9 month break. i could do nothing at all.

I had 2 carers with me and needing at least one of them to keep a hold of me. i use a woggle float under my arms/across my chest.

I wasnt even able to do breast stroke without turning over and sinking! Maybe its just cos I havent been for a while.

I`m gonna try again soon.

Keep going while you can, yeh? It`s a lovely feeling when the water takes your weight.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, Chris and Marcus,

I was very nervous when I went cos I didnt know what to expect. I too tried to swim like I used to but kept going under lol. Then

the instructor gave me some floats, dont know what they were called but they were brilliant. I could float on my back or front and

then kick my legs. I had more exercise in 1/2 hour than in the past 3 years!

I cant wait to go again next Friday, I wish it could be held 2 or 3 times a week.

Lyn x

Never did learn to swim, I was a gold standard sinker though!

I can’t swim any more but I can walk in the water round the edge of the pool - it takes my weight off my legs and it is good to feel them ‘walking’ almost normally. The pool I use is at a private club and is 4 foot deep all over so it is ideal.

Ann xx

I am very pleased for you, swimming is a good way of keeping fit without overdoing things.

I have not been able to go into the water since I had my baby over 28 years ago; as I became intolerant of water, especially swimming pool water.


I try to go swimming twice a week, first thing in the morning before i get too tired. The swimming pool is the only place I can overtake people (without being in the car). I walk at a snail’s pace these days so that feeling of going faster than others is something I really enjoy. You can’t fall over when you are horizontal and supported by water, which is a big plus for me these days too…

Brilliant, glad you enjoyed it, sometimes the thought of things is a bit daunting.

I go to aqufit every week with loads of lovely older ladies, I’m the youngest by about 40 years but we are probably equally able! It does tire me but definitely great to keep moving while I can.