Anyone tried swimming to increase fitness/strength?

Hi I had the great idea of starting swimming again to try to increase my fitness. I used to be a strong swimmer but to that was a long long time ago and about the only swimming I’ve done has been in a pool when on holiday.

I’ve just come back from my local baths, I had planned an hour but had to bale out after 20 mins. Luckily they do a coached swim so I did have an instructor watching what I was doing. Why I was suprised when he told me I wasn’t using my legs I’ll never know. So that was me swimming with a float just using my legs . I never knew how far 25 meters was! after 20 minutes I was fading rapidly and got out. The instructor was encouraging but has not come across anyone else with MS, I suppose I just want to know I’m not setting myself up to fail.

Has anyone else tried swimming and got any better at it?


Yes i have i agree itdoes help your fitness it does take time and to begin with the fatigue is unbareable but it does get better much better but if i do relaps i slow or stop for a while it makes me fewl myself and i now have lots of friends too go for it and good luck i would advise anyone to do it You done the fiirst hurdle xx Anything just ask x