I recently started swimming again, (well I’ve been twice! lol) (pre MS I was a good strong swimmer)

Last week, I swam 8 lengths, (big break between each length) and thought I done well. It tired me of course, but felt it was an ok amount. Afterwards, quick shower and got changed in a large cubicle and went home. Tired… but fine… and I didn’t feel ill (like I would have done if going on a walk for example)

Yesterday I went again, did 10 lengths. again, felt ok, I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself.

Afterwards, quick shower, but this time took shampoo with me and washed my hair, then got changed in a small cubicle… jeez I totally done myself in getting changed!! It wiped me out completely, felt really ill and cried all the way home!! It was awful!!

Husband reckons is was the tight space getting changed in. (had a similar expereince in a shops changing room trying on new clothes) I was wobbling everywhere in there trying to put my pants, and not get them wet on the floor, fell against the sides of the cubicle don’t know how many times! Total different expereince to last week!!

Any advice??

Thank you x

hi, does your pool have a disabled changing room or area? you dont have to be in a wheelchair to use these fasilities (wrong spelling but im sure you can work it out). i always use them in our pool when i go, which is not enough, but i do think about going all the time. i use them when i go clothes shopping as well, trying to get changed in tiny cubicles is aslo a nightmare for me and it gets so hot i feel awful.

why does everything have to be so damm dificult? we try our best and hit obsticles all the way!

keep on swimming i might even join you if you lived near me

love lorraine x xx

Thanks Lorraine

I’ll definitley use the family cubicles next time, they’re much bigger. The disabled cubicles are locked and I’d feel embarassed asking for one as I don’t look disabled! (Even though I do use a wheelchair in shops etc but don’t take it there)

It’s such a horible illness with no outwards signs so no one understands!!

Pity you’re so far away… that’d would have bee nice!! :slight_smile: I live in Liverpool!

Julie x

hi julie

i know how you feel about the embarassment! my hubby gets anoyed with me when i struggle instead of admitting i need help or wont use the easy option in public. i have found that once i have plucked up the courage to do something once it is easier to do it again. my walking stick stood by the front door for a week before i used it in public.

i think locking the disabled cubicles is a bit off but they are there to be used so be brave and get them open for you, is there someone who would go swimming with you and give some support to get the key.

happy swimming, lorraine x x x

I’m exactly the same. I’ve started using a wheelchair to go shopping, as I just can’t walk round the big stores. But I wont go in our local store!! We have to travel out a bit!! I makes massive difference using the chair and I’d encourage anyone to do it. But I still can’t use it locally. Mad eh!!

I’m off swimming again tonight, I’m going to wear easy clothes and slip on shoes and use one of the family changing cubicles. I go with my husband and he’d ask for the key for me. But I’d still feel embarassed! lol!

Wish me luck!! :slight_smile:


Good luck,

I get fed up with people asking, “so what you done to your legs?” whilst walking around with my stick. I just say its not my legs my brain doesnt work properly and they say “oh”. I dont mind people asking its human curiosity we all do it whether we admit it or not we cant help ourselfs.

I take my stick out with me where ever I go, I need to now. I get looked at, laughed at, gorped at all the time but to those that are understanding it makes it ok. For e.g I went for a friends birthday in London, in a nice champaigne bar, all night people were staring it was funny really, I said to one guy if you like I can lend you my stick it gets all the ladies and he just turned away embarresed. It does bug me but nowhere near as much as it used to. It was emberassing going on holiday and being wheeled through the airpot past all the cues and through security and everyone staring, doesnt look like there is anything wrong with him you know what they are thinking. Im 27 im happily married and if it wasnt for my wife I would have probably given up by now.

Be proud you are still you, nothing has changed, you still do everything the same all be it more slowly or in more pain but im sure your humars still there, that cheeky smile your friends know and love. just stick with it and dont be afraid to ask.

I was in primark and a woman asked me what was wrong and then told me to go to the disabled cue next time as I would get served much quicker, it was nice of her, I didnt try it mind you I dont see myself as dissabeld but I suppose I am.

Anyway i seem to have ranted but this place is my main source of leaving my frustrations hear.

Lots of love and keep the swimming up

it seems that embarresment is a common theme. i see people i have known for a long time and i just cant find the right words when they ask why im using crutches. i dont have a firm dx so i find it really difficult to explain whats wrong, i am NOT ashamed of being ill but i have twice been ignored by sales people they talk to whoever im with and its like im too stupid to understand them! typically i think of something to say after , but worse was the first time it happened they were promoting disability cars and my daughter was targated and me on crutches, it was like i was invisable. i can laugh now as next time it happens im prepared!!!

julie can i ask who recomended you use a wheelchair, i am finding it increasingly difficult to walk any distance, pain and fatigue are getting worse. i dont want to “give up” walking and my hubby wont let me have a wheeled walker yet he dosnt want me to stop trying, but crutches are such an effort to use at the moment.

lorraine x x x x

Hi guys I’m new to this forum and am waiting on a diagnosis. The post jumped out at me because I now have limited mobility with walking as its so painful after ten mins, so today I decided I might try and swim and see how I get on with that. Can I ask when you are describing your legs, what does it feel like? Would you mind describing the pain/sensations you are getting. Thank you in advance, I’m really struggling to get to grips with all this so appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

hi outta lunch,

it is so hard to discribe pain!!! i feel numb but tingly, somrtimes its a cramp pain but not cramp. today my legs dont feel conected to my brain so its hard to move. there is a heavyness that is painful but still numb. i am also waiting a dx and can understand that you are struggling as i am to. let us know how you get on swimming.

lorraine x x x

Hi Lorraine Thank you for replying My left arm and left leg feel like a million spiders crawling inside and feels tingly and really uncomfortable but my left leg really hurts and is painful if I walk for more than ten minutes. My leg feels heavy and as if its going dead which is really painful. My hips have started really hurting but someone else has suggested that may be because I may be altering the way I walk to compensate for my leg. I have lots of plans this year for holidays but feel afraid as I can’t walk very far. If I knew what it was I think I’d handle this better :frowning: I was hoping that floating and gentle swimming would give me some way of exercise and help me relax. Will let you know if its a success!!! Xx