well been going for about four weeks try and go mon-fri (get my monies worth) and wondered why i have the bug to go and today it hit me. In that pool my disability is greatly reduced i can even lift my right knee enough for me to give it a pat rather tha dragging it , ah the effects of water plus i have met new folk with a good sense of humour

Thanks for that, Trish - I'm glad it's working out well for you.

Since losing my job last week, I've been thinking about things I could do, that I never had any time for.  I think it would be quite good for me to go to aquafit, but I don't have anyone to go with, and the thought of joining a bunch of strangers is already quite daunting, without having to do it in my cozzy!  I think I'm more apprehensive about that, than about how I'd actually be in the water.

But anyway, thank you for the encouraging post.  I'm still not going to promise I'll sign up right away, but you've given me something positive to think about.  I guess it's just overcoming the hurdle of going for the very first time.




go along i was the same but before i knew it ended up chatting with the regulars that go and we have a laugh it took me eight years to buck up the courage as i thought i would stand ,out needless to say was told dont be daft we all have ailments and swimming helps.

Hi, I used to be a good swimmer and carried on going by myself until I just couldn`t manage by myself.

I now go occassionally with 2 carers. Thing is I can`t do much at all in the water. My carers have to hold me up, as I turn on my side without a dead fish....even with floats!

Sorry, don`t want to spoil anyone`s enjoyment of the pastime. it does still feel good to be in the warm water...........I go in the baby pool now!

luv Pollx

i dont swim anywhere as good as i did ,however i try by best and i work within my energy levels and i try and not take it too serious I think for me that is another reason for enjoying it


Its weird but I was going to write a post about simming myself today....and BAM there you were.

I got the chance to go swimming today and I LOVED it. Like you say, I didnt feel half as bad once I was in the water.

One thing that really held me back was pain from tendons in my elbows and achilles even when swimming very gently.....does anyone know how to reduce this??

Finally the only other problem was when I got out of the water, reality of air sort of hit me and I couldnt stand to have a shower. I have a chair in my shower at home.....any ideas guys?

I always liked to swim before being ill, but I appreciated it so much more now. As you said Trish - really liberating!

Gill xx