aqua aerobics

Hi just wondered what your experiences of aqua aerobics was? My left leg is what I call daft as soon tires and gets heavy. I fancy aqua however my concern is as yoi can’t feel things in the water, i.e your lighter, when I get out could I have overdone it without knowing? Thanks guys x


I go swimming most mornings, missing it at the moment as the pool has ended up with a fault.

I also have been in other pools when i go away with hubby for the weekend, so in my head i now have built up a good pool guide.

I am lucky my pool has a bannister at the steps so good for going in , the pool itself is less than six feet in depth and this is at the deep end so if my right leg goes i can stand , i did aqua aerobics before but found it too tiring and my leg did have a habit of going away from me, i go in the morning and there is a group that go at the same time , we chat and laugh about life which helps especially if you are having a bad day. check out your local pools and check for added assistance , and then go for it, as i said earlier really missing it this week, both pool and company and i didn’t know any of the company before i started.

good luck


i went for a course of hydrotherapy which was run b y a group called neuro voices.

there were 6 in a group, all with neurological problems

we had 2 neuro physios in the pool with us

i was gutted when the course ended, funding problems as always

carole x

wow great to hear that! I wish there is one in our community. i love the water and exercise.

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Yes I go to aquafit and I love it, I find it a good exercise as I can stand up for way longer than on dry land.