I guess this subject has been mentioned many time’s, so I’m sorry in advance for bringing it up again.

I’ve recently been offered hydrotherapy by my MS physio, which I started last week.

I was only in the pool 15 minutes, 20 at the very most, so when the physio said to call it a day I was a bit disappointed.

I did a few leg up exercises, bring each knee up as high as possible then alternating to the other leg, some walking sideways, sitting on a seat and move my legs in a cycling fashion and a few step ups.

At the time I found all the movements fairly easy and thought I could of stayed in there for longer, however as soon as I tried to walk up the steps to get out of he pool it was like my legs were in cement, I was totally shattered, well my legs were !

I even had to have a wheel chair to get back to the car, I just could not lift my legs !

This totally amazed me how so little exercise could just wipe me out.

Has anyone else found that hydrotherapy did this to them.

hiya jt

this post of urs made me feel quite emotional!

i have mentioned elsewhere that i was an aerobic fan for 25+ years-that included in the water for 10ish years.

so it was one of the things suggested to me to continue but there was no way! for similar reasons that u describe-i even tried getting hoisted into the pool but due to total right sided weakness it wasnt safe for all involved! the nearest feeling i got to the ‘good old days’ was recently when i had my first bath in 7/8 years! cushion thing that lowered me into bath-not perfect but 1/2 hr of bliss! no use mourning the past eh cos its now that i am living!

yet others cope ok with water-everyone is so different!


hydrotherapy was bliss at first because i’d been told to not have baths but showers instead. however after a couple of months i found myself unable to get dry and dressed. hobbled to my car and sobbed for a few minutes. ellie, you are a hero to me.

We are given hydrotherapy (swimming pool) as first item in our area for 10 weeks, with opportunity after 10 weeks to join pool club on cheap after 10 weeks. Physiotherapy can then continue in local gym if we want & can do some physical exercise. This is done with NHS Physio as the trainer - she focuses mainly on helping ‘balance’ rather than strength power training. Having been going downhill for a while this has got me back to (aided) walking again which I’ve maintained since, so very useful I found. However like you Jactac first time I got out of the pool I was totally shattered with legs like lead boots and took a day to recover. Strangely even though legs felt heavy for a while I’ve found I can now ride a push-bike (again!) for miles, no problem with either my strength or feeling of balance - of course when I stop and get off I still need my walking stick, but what the hell it feels good not to fall off!

A couple of years ago I went to a private hydrotherapy pool for a while, I couldn’t do long sessions, so the therapist said I could do the drop in sessions. (Much cheaper!) There were a few times I went and it was too full for me. Eventually I decided it wasn’t worth it because I was just too knackered. Basically the trade off was too much energy wise. It was truly lovely getting into a warm pool though, god how I’d love a bath.

(Ellie you already know you’re a hero to me too!)


JT, We started an MS hydrotherapy class a couple of years ago. Unfortunately the class was in the evening and we had to cancel the the class due to lack of numbers. I can totally relate to your cement legs comment because that’s what mine felt like after a class. The evenings were a killer and unfortunately we couldn’t find a daytime that was suitable for both the pool and the venue. I try and go to the pool once a week, mainly to do some gentle exercises and to do some walking in the pool. The pool near where I live is perfect as there is a side pool off to the side of the main pool which is a few degrees warmer than the main pool which is perfect for me as the main pool is too cold for me and makes my legs go into spasms and cramps. I spend most of the time in a wheelchair these days so having to use the chair before and after the pool session is no big deal for me. I can just Wheel up to the pool side and get myself in and out using the hand bars. I don’t go to the pool if I’m no feeling great because I know a pool session will mean I that I will feel a thousand times worse afterwards. Derek

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve had another session at the pool and a further one again is due this Thursday.

My last one wasn’t as bad when I come out of the pool as the first session, but having said that, the physio didn’t keep me in as long and I only did very little exercise in there.

One thing has crossed my mind though, my sessions are 3.30pm every Thursday, at around 1.30pm every day I take my second dose of Tizanidine (4mg), which usually starts to kick in roughly an hour or so later, I know this because my mouth starts to dry up, which is a side effect of the Tizanidine.

So I’m thinking is the Tizanidine making my leg muscles a bit too weak for the sessions in the pool, but I cant really feel the weakness whilst in the pool due to the weightlessness , but then when I get out the reality of the Tizanidine and the exercise takes over, just a thought ?

On the subject of Tizanidine, I have monthly blood checks and I’ve just found out this morning that my latest test has pick up abnormalities, so I’m waiting for my GP to explain what has shown up, but my guess is the Tizanidine is effecting my liver function, if so I’ll probably be taken off them anyway ?

Same thing happened when I was on Carbamazepine.

Just had phone call off GP, She’s not happy with liver function so wants me to ween off the Tizanidine. So not really sure what’s next ? Will have to speak with spasticity consultant now as she was the one who put me on it instead of Sativex.