has anyone tried hydrotherapy? its only for my ms (the spasticity is driving me mad)

there is a clinic within a local gym that offers it.

costs £40 for 1 hour and includes a sports massage.

i have an appointment for next wednesday.

i'm really curious to hear what it is like.


carole x


Hi Carole, unfortunately I find hydrotherapy really isn’t good for me, I went once and couldn’t get out of the pool, it is just too warm. My ms nurse did say they are not good for ms. Sorry to be so negative. Karen x

hi karen

thanks for the reply.

its good to hear even the negatives so that if i find that its too warm for me at least i'll know that i'm not the only one.


that phrase will have to be on my gravestone "i'm not the only one" its a real ms thing!


carole x

hiya…def worth a try but for me I was not good and like karenwolf couldn’t get out the pool after…the heat of the water zapped me…which is shame as I quite enjoyed it once in…lol you may havean nhs pool near you which is free but will needa referal …the temp is quite high and if you can tolerate this and benefit then soundsa good idea to try.

Also with the heat there is the humidity. I am fine with heat but not the humidity.

I used to work in one!!!!!! I cant imagine it nowadays.

I think it will have to be trial and error but will you have someone with you who could help if it does zap you? 

 I'm just thinking of the getting dressed afterwards as the changing rooms are likely to be warm/humid aswell.

If not go in something easy to be on the safe side...but it could well be you come out of it hugely relieved  and waiting to do it again.

Please think of me when you slide into warm relaxing water as I am trying the opposite and will be squealing my way into the sea at Cornwall!!!

I wish you well.