Hydro pool

I have MS and a friend has suggested that I try going to a hydro pool to help relieve my ms symptoms. I shy away from anything too hot as it makes my symptoms worse. Has anyone tried it and if so did it help?

Thank you in advance of any replies.



A hydro pool is usually a way to exercise when you can’t otherwise. It’s hotter than a swimming pool, usually smaller, and is run by hydrotherapists. They work with you on developing an exercise plan to be done in the pool.

A hydrotherapy pool in itself won’t help MS symptoms, it’s the exercise that helps.

I’ve used one and liked it, the trouble was ultimately that the effort it took to use the pool (ie getting undressed, redressed added to the exercise in the pool), meant I did no other walking or exercise that day.

Worth a go though.



My friend who suggested I try it uses one herself. She has had a brain aneurysm which led to a stroke resulting to her being disabled.

She doesn’t understand why I don’t want to even to try it.

For me, the effort and aftereffects outweigh the potential benefits or maybe I’m scared to try as I know what heat can do to me. I don’t want to try it and it looks like I’ll have to keep reminding her of that, and thank her for thinking of me and what I’m going through every day.

Thank you for your reply though and I’m sorry if it seemed like I was taking my frustration out on you because I wasn’t.


No problem Jacqueline.

Sometimes friends just don’t get why something they like, and that helps them would be the worst thing for you. Stand your ground with your friend and let her know that you understand your own condition and what would and would not help.


Thank you again.


Hi Jacq, I went to a hydro-therapy pool regularly pre Dx …that was about 6yrs ago. Couldn’t fathom out why I was absolutely kn******ed when getting changed after a lovely session in a warm pool! Especially as the other folk attending were certainly more senior to me! Unbeknown to me at the time & looking back… it was the dreaded ms sign/symptom. The water temperature TOO HOT! So that’s why it’s probably not suitable for you. Is it?

A few years ago ,I tried it at my local pool and it was great. I can’t cope with “normal” pools as the temperature is too cold for me and my legs go into spasms and cramps. The hydro pool was just a we bit warmer, but not too warm that it adversely affected my ms symptoms. The exercise certainly helped me, even just walking up and down, which I couldn’t do unaided on dry land. For an hour or so after the session, I felt I had cement legs, so I just went and had a coffee and a relaxing time in the cafe until the legs went back to normal. Then after a significant relapse, I couldn’t walk in the water and the hassle of getting changed etc was more than any benefit, so I packed it in. I certainly enjoyed it for a good few years though.


Hi Dizzy,

Thank you very much for replying and my apologies for not replying sooner (I did try to but, for some unknown reason this site was unresponsive and no matter how many times I tried I could not get any further than the forum first page).

I have decided not to take the risk of going in a hydro-therapy pool, I know what being too hot does to me.

Hi Derek,

Thank you for replying to my post and please accept my apologies for not replying sooner. I did try to reply but his website was very unresponsive and I could not get any further than the first forum page.

I have decided not to take the risk of venturing into a hydro pool no matter how many times I’m asked.

Hi - I recently started using a hydro therapy pool once a week and it’s great. It’s wonderful being able to do things in water that I can’t otherwise do. I can exercise as little or as much as I want too. I go to the same session each week and have met people with all sorts of ailments including two other folk who have MS. One has little mobility and uses a stretcher hoist to get into the pool and the other lady and I use our two sticks to get to the pool side. I’m trying to remain as physically strong as I can and this is my main motivation for going. I’ve always enjoyed swimming, so feel quite at home in a pool.Hopefully it’s doing some good. I’m also enjoying the social side and folk are really friendly. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Hi, I am one of the weird ones who likes heat and ceases to function properly when cold, so the heat in a pool makes me feel better. About four times a year I go to a pool (payasyougym) down the road and have to steal myself for days because after I know I will be flummoxed for days! Anyway, they have a bubble pool which releases all the tension in my spine, it looks a bit unusual as I move about where the bubbles are to various bits, I also lift my legs a little so the bubble works from my feet which hurt a great deal down to the knee and thigh area which really hurts. The hot bubbles make my legs feel better. I then do my spine and arms which sometimes are a bit floppy and dead-feeling. Then I go and swim a short way just to strengthen my legs, it isn’t really swimming as I am not supposed to use my arms for swimming due to the spine damage etc) but I can do swimming with legs and on my back like a frog. These do not hurt me and help keep some strength. The GP a few weeks ago suggested it would be ok holding on the the long floating barrier separating the swimming isles, to hold on and walk up and down in the water. Wow this was hard work but anyway I did a little bit.

The gym is nice as there are lots of people who have push buggies, walking sticks (me), are of a certain age or just normal and not gym buffs in lycra. I then do a little bit of stretching, go home, take max pain killers and wait for it to hurt but and I cannot stress enough, feel really much better. The water treatment for me is brilliant, I feel released a little. Then I spend about two days knowing I will not be able to do much, look after myself, rest, eat well, read and let my body recover properly from what I have put it through. Well worth it as long as I manage my time and energy before and after. I have also found that oiling my legs or brushing them with a course towel after a bath and then oiling helps with my leg pain, control and a little with the floppy foot thing. Good luck.

I presume heat doesn’t affect you as it does me. I would love to be able to enjoy being in water doing things I can’t otherwise do but, unfortunately being too hot means my body almost collapses and refuses to do what I want it to do. Even having a shower means turning the water temperature down to much lower than others in my family have theirs. I am considering going to a public swimming pool near to where I live as it holds swimming sessions for people with disabilities where I wouldn’t feel so different to the other folk in the water.

Thank you for replying to my post.

I wouldn’t say you’re weird. I have a friend who also has MS and she loves heat too so your not the only one. I have never heard of a bubble pool but it does sound great. Your description of how you know you’ll be flummoxed for days describes how I feel after being in hot water so I try to avoid it. I tend to finish my morning showers with almost cold water for a minute or two to almost take away what hot water does to me. It sounds like you’ve figured out what helps you as have I.

Thank you for replying to my post.