I'm walking again (sort of!)

I’m in Majorca with the family. Been here since Thursday. It’s way, way, way too hot for me outside during the day, although morning and evening temperatures are lovely. However the hotel has a heated indoor pool which I’ve been going to twice a day for an hour at a time. The indoor pool is hardly used which is great as I can take my chair right up to the edge of the pool.

I can’t walk much at all these days but when I do, I can’t seem to bend at the right knee and have this stiff knee, straight leg, out then in walking style. The knee is permanently stiff and very sore. However in the pool, through practice, my walking has become almost normal again.

in the pool, I can bend the knee a little and then lift the leg just slightly and then drive the right leg through. The feeling is truly marvellous. My walking style has improved each day and I’m walking further each day. The pool is 8 metres wide and after walking a few widths at a time and then resting a while, I managed to walk 38 widths yesterday afternoon.

The leg is very, very tired when I come out the pool, but it’s a “good” tired. I’m very happy with this and can’t wait for today’s walking sessions.

derek (Mr Happy this week)


Bravo Derek!


Little Miss Smiley

Great to read this Derek. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re having time abroad. It changes everything. I think we spoke about this in older threads. Husband and I go abroad again in October. I can’t wait! We both become new people. Enjoy it all.

Hi Derek,

Glad you’re having a lovely holiday and great news about the aqua aerobics!!! Keep it up.

Maybe worth going to your local pool when you get back home?

Jen xx

Thanks for the replies.

Jen, a few years ago, our local MS Society branch ran hydrotherapy classes for a while in the local pool. The pool was heated somewhat so that it was suitable for people with MS. A “normal” pool is no good for me as it’s too cold and my legs go into spasms and cramps. I went to the classes and whilst the classes were excellent, I felt awful for about an hour afterwards. Unfortunately the sessions didn’t start until 7pm and weren’t well attended as most folk were wiped out by that time. We tried and failed to get a daytime slot but couldn’t. Once I’m home I’ll check this again.

Today’s update - I walked 52 widths this morning and 56 this afternoon. My legs feel like they’re made of cement right now, but overall it feels great to be walking unaided.


That’s good news Derek!

My walking packed up but I could still swim for a good while longer. I guess the water took the weight for me.

But that subsided and I almost drowned, so I’ve lost that ability too!



it’s weird, my legs can’t or won’t move at all when I swim but thankfully the upper body is still good enough to make up for the lack of help from the legs. Anyway, I’m spending most of my time in the pool, probably with a glaikit (great Scottish word which means a mixture of stupid, senseless and silly) look on my face because I’m able to walk.


That’s lovely news. It is so good for morale, that sort of thing (for you doing it and for the rest of us hearing about it!)


Derek that’s fantastic news !!

Long may it continue and you never know you may have a restful nights sleep to x

Oh what FABULOUS news! I don’t usually come into everyday living, but thank goodness I saw “Walking again”.

Ah Derek, you keep that glaikit for as long as you want, no-one will see it 'cos you’re on top of the world. Even if they did, what’s it matter?

Just a thought, my local MS pool is useless but there is a small hospital that has a hydrotherapy pool, very warm. Doctors can refer for so many sessions, it’s square and the same depth. Mainly used for people who’ve had serious injuries for car or bike accidents and need to get their muscles working. Just a thought as your gp, Neuro or MS Nurse may be able to offer similar,especially with those fab results.

Chrissie x

Thats great news.I wonder what it is about holidays that able us to do things we can’t do at home.We used to go to Menorca every year in june and september,while there i could walk ‘normally’ i loved going because i felt so well.

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Good news.

Hope you’re not staying too long on holiday as you’ll be doing 100 widths each time and won’t see the sun. You need the lovely vitamin D too!!

If your upper body gets tired, use a woggle,- not a boy scout one, the long spongy tube thing. Used to help me keep swimming.


Another good day walking in the pool. Walked a lot further than I should have but who cares. Walking style was very good. The right knee was bending and I was able to “drive through” with the right leg without stubbing my foot. It was great to feel “normal” for little while. Happy days.

Later, I tried a little walk with the crutches outside the pool and unfortunately had the reverted back to the old straight leg, out and in walking style. Oh well.

Tomorrow’s last full day of the hols. Hopefully more good pool walking to come.


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Well done for going and well done for trying and well done for doing it!

We came home on Friday and I deliberately waited a few days to see how the legs were faring.

unfortunately I’m pretty much back to the pre-holiday state. The MS has obviously decided that I’ve had my holiday fun and now it’s back to reality with the MS fully in charge. I’m In the wheelchair 95% of the time and the remaining 5% walking is slow and the knee is very stiff and sore, and the old straight leg out-and-in walking style is back.

ho hum.



Sorry to read about the back to square one route Derek. Have you tried the compression stockings, for extre warmth & support. They’re a bit strange, but I think you could benefit. Terry

Really pleased for you Derek. Brilliant news!

Derek, Have you investigated FES to see if it would help you to lift your knee? It’s possible to use it to stimulate nerves to help knee lifting as well as foot raising, it just depends on where the electrodes are placed. It’s such a shame to have the experience of walking and feeling ‘normal’ again only to find you’re back home and back to where you were. Otherwise, have you tried hydrotherapy? I went to a private hydrotherapy pool for a while. I had a couple of full sessions with a therapist, but she suggested that I could go to their drop in sessions, which are much cheaper. Ultimately it didn’t work so well for me in the long term because I need more help than most, so there were just too many times when I turned up and couldn’t get into the pool. Walking in the warm pool was brilliant. Depending on your local facilities, there might even be an NHS hydro pool where you could get your GP to refer you. Sue

Sue, I’ve tried the FES a couple of times. Unfortunately, it did nothing for me. I’ve used a SAFO for 10 years to help with drop foot and I don’t think I could walk at all without it. I tried hydrotherapy last year and whilst it helped, immediately after the session and for a few hours afterwards, my right leg felt like it was made of cement. Unfortunately, there is no NHS hydro pool near me. Derek

That’s a shame about FES. The best thing about SAFO of course is that you can get it wet. Which is why it’s so useful in a swimming pool. I’ve got one and have basically only used it in a swimming pool, because my leg won’t do any lifting outside of water without FES.

I think it’s probably quite common that the leg with foot drop also has other issues related to lifting. Either quads or hips or both.

I suspect we probably do a similar thing, use an aid to help with foot drop to do a miniscule amount of walking on dry land, with about 95% of the time spent in a wheelchair. Apart from in warm water, where the buoyancy of the water helps the muscles to be able to lift. I haven’t been in a pool for such a long time. It’s such a lovely feeling to be in the water, and to be able to do some walking.

It’s a buggeration. If I won a huge amount of money on the lottery, I’d have a hydropool installed in my house.