Supplements & Extras

I was having a read around the forums and noticed a number of different supplements etc being mentioned so thought I’d get some more info on the kind of things that might be helpful from people who have used them.

Currently my partner takes Fluxotine, the Pill and a multivit daily. Due to poor sleep she takes Zolpidem every second night and Nytol every other night.

She suffers alot from headaches and was using paracetamol or co-codamol to manage those but to rule out rebound headaches she’s trying to refrain from using them.

I ordered some CBD capsules (25mg) after reading about them here and doing some research on the net hoping they might help with the head pain, and perhaps spasms which she does often during the night and i’m sure is disturbing her sleep? Started her today on 1 a day as no idea about dosages.

She had Botox done 6 weeks ago and it was great for 5 weeks, had to self-catheter for 2 days last week and was diagnosed with a UTI on Friday. Given Antibiotics which seem to be helping. Urinary Nurse mentioned semi-perm catheter but reluctant if it’s just going to be a constant cycle of UTIs and Antibiotics. She isn’t prone to them, in 17 years this is the first I’ve know her to have one

I know everyone’s MS is different and what works for 1 might not work for others but I might be missing things that might be helpful.