Supplements - Anybody had any good results?


I’ve had rrms for 12 years now and it’s starting to progress so I’m even more Keen than ever to try something that might help.

Has anybody tried any supplements that have benefited them?

I take vit d on the advise of my Neuro and a multi vit/mineral. But I’ll give anything a go. I know they won’t work miracles, I know we could all do with one of those, but it’s worth a go.

Thanks everyone


hiya dawn

i have taken cranberry capsules twice a day for 6+years and have never had a urine infection-despite that being common amongst those with ms.

also multi vit/mineral and vit b complex. i ‘feel’ healthy and common blood results have not indicated owt unusual. i have no idea if they def work but dont seem to be doing any harm…

looking forward to reading replies u get, ellie

hi dawn

i get monthly B12 injections and it gives me back my va va voom but sadly it doesnt last long.

good luck

carole x

Hi Dawn,

I’ve taken vitamin d on and off since my diagnosis last November. I didn’t take it during the summer.

I’ve started taking it again recently after feeling (and now knowing) that I might be having a relapse. I did feel like it helped a bit. I also read something on the internet that vitamin d may help you loose weight, so as someone who is trying to do so, and being told recently that the gabapentine I’ve been on since March can actually cause weight gain, I thought I might as well give it another shot.

I also use a daylight lamp during the winter months. The combination of the 2 did seem to have an affect when I used them last winter. I’m going to get the lamp out in the next couple of days. I would recommend wearing sunglasses with one though.

I have thought about starting to take vitamin b12 as I read something about mylination.

Hope this helps


Greetings,I don’t know if a ‘Ladies’ Lotion’ rubbed into the upper thighs is what you are talking about? I haven’t currently got a lady to rub this lotion into so,I do it to myself.The lotion is BiEstro-Care with Estriol & Estradiol,is about £16 a bottle from Amazon, and appears to be making a difference to me and my version of MS.I have reduced pain,increased energy and despite the cold damp weather I’m pretty frisky.I’ve changed nothing in diet,drug intake,habits(that I’m willing to mention) etc and am a relatively contended a-sey 50 year old teenager.

I’m 12 years into the game,cannot walk,can only weight bear for about 30 seconds,and the highlight is chronic Neuropathetic pain in the trotters which are always badly swollen. There is also ridiculous bladder oftenness which requires plastic plumbing and a bag to be attached to my ‘Out-Spout’.This is only a recent addition and may be a side effect of the Lotion.The host of other symptoms are all very well behaved at the moment

The lotion was mentioned in a post on here about six weeks ago and the salient point was that the Estriol mimics the action of a substance in the body which has a good effect on MYELIN.I’ve absolutely nothing to lose apart from 16 quid a time and I’ll be continuing until I’m not…The ‘Piddle Problem’, is managable and the plumbing makes for less mucking about when I need to ‘sling a drizzle’.

So if that was your post…Thank you…I can’t see what else could be affecting me like this,and as long as I don’t go up too many bra sizes, start watching Loose women and taking an interest in soft furnishings I’ll keep massaging my thighs.

Ms Woblyboy

Wobly - l did try the Estriol - [google MS Estriol] and your post has reminded me - So l have ordered some more - apparently its good to put on your face - gets rid of wrinkles!! - so the reviews on amazon report. So l shall start ‘rubbing it in’ again - can’t have you getting biggers boobs then me!

Vitamin d3 l swear by this - and do take a high dose 10.000ius- and my levels are checked and l never get above 98nmols.

Vitamin B12 -

Omega 3


Sea Kelp -

Wb, Ask your GP for Betmiga - its the latest med for bladder control - and it does not have the nasty side-effects of the old ones.

Nothing wrong with outdoor plumbing -

Cheers everybody much appreciated.

I reckon anything’s worth a shot even the dodgy sounding lotion!!!

Wish me luck fellow ms`ers x

Hi Dawn

I take vitamin d3 in the winter months and have found I haven’t felt as tired as I was before taking it.

I also take multi vitamin with minerals,

vitamin B complex,

Evening primrose,

fish oil,

Glusocamine sulphate and linseed oil. (linseed oil is supposed to help myelin along with vitamin B).

Don’t know if they are helping me but I’m taking them anyway. My complection is a little better; not so dry, use lots of olive oil on my food, as I’m in that after stage of menopause anything that slows the ageing process has to be good. Hasn’t helped my spelling or memory problems though.

Wendy x