Supapubic cathater

Please can someone tell me is this supapubic cathater supposed to be sore? Getting stabbing pains all the time. :frowning: Everytime I move it even hurts. Hurts when sitting and lying also. Is this normal? Feels like something is scraping my bladder wall. Help Help Help! BE

Ah, now then!

When did you have your spc fitted?

I had mine done in July this year.

Ever since the night of the op, I had stabbing pains, about 4 inches to the right of the wound site.

Travelling in the van made it worse. It was excrutiating a lot of the time. I called nurses on several occassions, and a GP once. After the op, we can expect some discomfort…but mine went on for 16 weeks, on and off.

The wound itself is ok now, but has been oozy, sticky and foul smelling. It ulcerated and over-granulated. The reason I am pain free now, is, I think, as I have recently gone on pregabalin…for nerve pain in my heels. I believe it has masked the spc pain.

I saw the surgeon who did the op recently and he has ordered a scan to see if there is anything to explain the pain.

I had the spc because of nil mobility and accidents when trying to get on the commode with a hoist. Why did you have it?

I love the system of not having to risk daily falls in transfers.

The wound is clean now, but will never heal, or the tube would get stuck.

Have you had any changes yet?

ive had 2. One at 6 weeks, and 1 at 10 weeks. The first one was easy with no pain. The 2nd was painful, so Ill be having my next at 6 weeks.

Can I tell you anything else to help?

luv Pollx

No is shoudn’t hurt BE. But l know Poll has had trouble with hers with stabbing pains.

How long have you had the SPC

How long do you go between catheter changes.

And the main thing is how you actually ‘wear it’. Because if you have a long cath and tube with the drainage bag down on your leg you will cause pain and trauma everytime you move. l know this is the way you would have probably been told to wear it - but l have had mine for 18yrs. And l only have the short length catheter and direct contact drainage bags. So no tubing to get ‘kinked’. l tie the bag[ 600ml - cotton feel backed - so comfy against my skin] with a cord/lace around my waist - the tap end is near my hip. l wear boxy shaped underwear which keeps it all snug and safe against me. l can wear jeans/leggings/shorts without it showing. And to empty l just undo top button of jeans and pull the tap end out. l stay the same at night as well.

Have you looked at living with a urinary catheter. This helpline was made last year and it is made up from personal accounts of people with SPC’s. lts connected to Oxford Uni. l was asked to take part - and l am in the over 60’s group.

Have a look and see if there is any answers for you.

You might have a very inflammed bladder - which l believe Poll has. And the balloon end can get stuck onto the bladder wall - so do turn it every day and see if it helps with it in a different position. Also, if the catheter has been pushed in too far it can block the uretha - or rub against the edge and make it sore. Be brave and give it a gently turn see if it makes a difference. You won’t pull it out - l do take D-Mannose - to keep my bladder healthy. lts been a long time since l had a uti. Google D-Mannose - and read the reviews.

pm me if l can be of anymore help

F health issues - then living with a urinary catheter - then look down the list on the left and you will find SPC’s.