Good morning all,

i had my spc fitted about 3 yrs ago while its changed my life for the better,I am now having a lot of trouble with it,it is bleeding from where the site entrance is and I seem to be having spasms in side, but really unsure if this is bladder or prolapse ,although Dr has ruled out either,it is quite painful all I can explain it like is contractions (when having baby ) I feel I want to push and when I get these feelings I seem to have a lot of blood from site, am considering having it removed but the necessity of finding a loo all the time and wet clothes is a down fall. (I’m 61 so not expecting baby)

Sue x

Oh love, I feel for you.

I’ve had mine for about 3 or 4 years too.

They do make life easier than before. Like trying to stand long enough to get your draws down, or falling onto a loo and actually breaking it! Or ending up on the floor of a public toilet and your carers can’t get you up. Then you have to suffer the indignity of being forced to ask strangers to help drag you up!

So back to you…these spasm like pains… do you take anything like betmiga to help control them?

The bleeding…I’m wondering if you have an infection?

Don’t make a rushed decision to have your spc removed. I have felt like that, but hung on till things settle down again.

I mean wants the alternative? Wet clothes, chunky pads etc.

What is your GP doing about it? You need to see a urologist asap.

Fingers crossed for a good solution.

Just thought, maybe a bladder wash out will help?x


I would say talk to a urology nurse about it, if not a urologist. Unless your GP is able to test for infection, give advice on these spasms / potential prolapse/ contractions. It doesn’t sound right, but having it removed altogether might lead to more problems as you’re now used to free flowing wee (unless you have a flip-flow valve). It could be as Poll suggests, something resolveable with a drug for bladder spasms (unless you’re already on one).

Sounds like a worry and just what the SPC is supposed to cure.


been thinking more about your problem hun.

sometimes the catheter tip sticks into the bladder wall…i get blood now and then. i also always bleed following a change.

are you due a change soon?

if ever I have spc concerns I ring my district nurses, who always come asap to check it out.

why not do that?


Thanks for the comments,

i use a bladder wash,tested for infections…none shown,but do have over granulation which causes me a lot of trouble,constant messy discharge, have to wear dressing every day and now allergic to micro pore tape, take Betmiga and solifeicain.but still need to use the loo and manage to wet myself, whilst I don’t really want it removed,I some times feel it could be easier without it, I have a small prolapse( small according to Dr… doesn’t feel small to me )which I think is the main problem of the spasms it also keeps, me awake at night.

feeling sorry for myself, up at 12.15am lots of pain.

Hi Sue

Re your allergy to Micropore, I am too. I’ve been prescribed Allevyn Gentle Border dressings. They’re much better for skin than Micropore or most of the dressings previously prescribed. Unfortunately not very porous so the wound stays wetter than with a more porous dressing, but allergies are a nightmare on the delicate skin around the wound site.

Other than that, what would the prolapse be like if you removed the SPC? Would it get better or worse, do you know? If you’re dealing with pain and still wetting yourself, I’m not surprised you’re thinking of removal. It doesn’t sound like it’s helping you much. Would the prolapse repair itself? Or is there a surgical fix? Is it possible to remove the SPC, fix the problem then insert a new SPC? Is an SPC something that can only be done once?

You have all my sympathy, it sounds like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


agree with other posters - you need to insist on seeing an urologist or a specialist nurse -

hi, I also thought i might as well not have the spc when it was bypassing a lot at one time.

i had a camera inserted but nothing untoward was found.

it was then i was put on betmiga and tolterodine…another bladder calmer. have you tried that one?

i take a cranberry tablet every day, which helps keep your bladder clean.

re the washouts…my nurses said i mustnt do it myself and to ask them to do it.

i dont like micropore tape either…too sticky and sore making

i ask for kind remove tape when ordering it…it`s a blue tape and is fine.

Sue says can a spc only be done once? no, it can be done more often.

they may suggest removing your existing one, using a urethral catheter until the other heals and settles down and then have a new one done, if you fancy that.

when mine over granulated, i was prescribed a steroid cream, which sorted the problem.

how often are you having the spc changed? mine is 4 weekly, due to sticking problems and furring up in the tube.

spcs are great, but they arent trouble free., as you know!