'Sunshine pill' and tests


I have seen many posts on the ‘sunshine’ vitamin but have not really followed them too much.

I always thought that when I was a kid I was always outside playing in the sun - so it can’t mean too much …until now…

I had a blood test back in March and the GP put me on 10,000iu a day. This has now finished and the latest blood test states my level has increased to 136 and I was originally stumbling around on …13.

Sooooo, I’m now a GP pet project and I don’t take anything for 6 months and another blood test and take it from there…



Hi Marty,

It needs continuous replenishment, as it can’t be stored in the body for very long, so you can’t rely on having got a good dose years ago.

I’m a bit concerned your doctor has taken you off supplements altogether, as an experiment, when it’s obvious you are prone to deficiency (as are many of us with MS), and it still didn’t come out that high, even after weeks of hefty supplementation. I’m sure it’s back within the range the NHS regards as acceptable, but their guidelines are pretty out-of-date, and don’t reflect the latest research.

I’m guessing that after six months with no supplementation at all, you’d be back to severe deficiency. I’m sure your GP will find it “interesting”, but it doesn’t sound like an experiment that’s in your best interests. :frowning:


I have just been told that my vit D level is 16. Doctor has put me on 30,000iu twice a week for 5 weeks then I have another blood test.

Will I notice any difference once I have been on the tablets for a while? I’m hoping it’ll increase my energy!


Hiya Tina

Thanks for your reply.

Nothing to loose really. I suppose in 6 months it will be a test again and maybe if it’s that low to start about supplements. How long was I that low for? Years? Has it had an effect on MS? No one knows?

I’m sure, written somewhere, mentioned that as long as you get enough sun in the summer months it will see you through winter?

Ahh, questions, questions, eh?


You should make plenty of Vitamin D in the summer as long as it is actually sunny, and you go out in the sun with plenty of skin exposed and no sun tan lotion on,. It won’t happen if you’re naturally dark skinned or live in the north of the country. Lots of people in this country have low levels of Vitamin D. Most of them don’t get MS however.

MS is not the only disease that is connected to vitd3 deficiency. lBS/Parkinsons/Crohns/Hypertension/Psoriasis/and 17 types of cancer/osteo-arthritis/osteo-porosis. All auto-immune diseases. You would need 20mins of full sun [naked body] daily to absorb 20.000ius of vitd3. After 20mins exposure your body stops absorbing and it is then that you burn. The darker your skin the more you need.

So keep taking the pills!!!

I take Vitamin D3 5’000 i.u every day I started Tysabri around the same time almost 5 years ago I’ve never had a relapse since I wouldn’t like to stop the vitamin D3 I know when I’m on holiday somewhere warm and sunny its the closest to normal I feel, I’m just back from Mallorca last week and for the full week I hadn’t an ache or pain I had so much energy and done so much I know most people with MS can’t stand the warm weather but the warmer it got the better I felt the warmest day was 33 degrees and I could even walk to the beach and back again without my wheelchair I didn’t even need any of my meds while I was there but 1 day back in this weather I’m back to my MS self again :frowning: vitamin D helps me I don’t know if I was to take a higher dose would it have the same affect as the sun on me but

Mark - What a good holiday you had - l have a friend who is planning to live the winter in Tenerife. Her son lives/works there. She finds the climate suits her.

l can understand you thinking of doubling your dose of vitd3. Try doubling every other day - see if it makes any difference. You can get your vitd3 level tested at CityAssays lab in B/Ham. lts a postal test - just a pinprick - then they send your results via email. As long as your level is no more then 250nmols - you will be ok. l took 20.000ius for a couple of years - now l am on 10.000ius daily. Still my level is 98. And l occasionally use the sunbed for a few minutes - this always makes me feel better.

You must have felt it a miracle to leave your w/chair behind and walk.

Good for you.

Hi Spacejacket I use a sunbed to not for looks though I’m told I look healthy lol I just feel better I go to the gym there’s one in the changing room using it for 2 minutes after a workout is the difference in me walking out to the car without stopping and if I dont use it I have to sit and rest at least once. I looked at at the postal vitamin D blood test how do I go about it? Mark

Hi Mark,

Forgot - of course- you have a ‘all over perma-tan’. The CityAssays nhs lab for vitd3 blood spot test - 0121-507-4278 mon-friday 9am-5pm have debit/credit to hand - costs £25. They will ask for your home address and email address to send your results. They are very prompt.