Sunflower Oil

Hi All

Does anyone take sunflower oil capsules?

I have been taking them for the last 20 yrs, now my supplier no longer does them, so the question is "where can I get them" I have tried searching on line but just draw a blank. confused

Hoping you knowledgeable people can help


Why don't you just use the sunflower oil - you can cook with it - make salad dressings etc. And also you can get sunflower seeds [which the oil is obtained from] - these are lovely to eat - have a nutty taste. And they can be added to food when cooking.


Hi chris, we use sunflower oil, in our cooking too.  Its gr8 instead of using any other oil, or butter for frying. Have u tried asking your doctor? or the health food stores?

What active ingredient are you taking it for?

It is mainly (about two-thirds) linoleic acid.  If that is the nutrient you want, there are other oils that are as rich, or richer, including safflower, grape seed, and poppy seed.  I don't know if any of these are easier to come by, and may be an acceptable substitute?

There seem to be at least a couple of sources of safflower oil capsules online.



Thanks for the replies one and all.

We do use sunflower oil and seeds but I like to take the capsules regularly every day as well. I have not heard of "safflower" so will look into this as an alternative.

Once again many thanks