Lorenzos Oil...

Anyone seen this film…? I remembered it last night and investigated, and Im wondering now if anyone knows if any research has been done in terms of Oleic Acid (Omega 9). I hear a lot about Omega 3s with MS but not 9. A website I looked up says:

“One very interesting use of oleic acid is its use as an ingredient in Lorenzo’s oil, a medication developed to prevent onset of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a condition effecting only young boys that attacks the myelin sheaths of the body, causing symptoms similar to those in multiple sclerosis. Though Lorenzo’s oil does not cure the condition, it can delay onset or progression of the disease in those who are not yet symptomatic.”

So could the benefits possibly cross over to MS too??

…‘Lorenzo’s Oil’…interesting, I do remember ‘parts’ of the film… I suppose I watched it at the time (quite a few years ago), next to ‘just watching it after a tip off…’, because of having a disabled child (and not for having MS myself).

A good reason to watch the DVD again!

lnteresting post - oleic oil is - l understand sunflower oil. l shall have a look into it - l use rape-seed oil for cooking etc.

l have heard on here - people who do take it.

Lets hope someone does come up with more info.

Is there any information on Lorenzo’s Oil?