Pure coconut oil


I was talking to a doctor on the phone a few days ago and she swore by coconut oil and how it had helped more than one person with MS. I am a bit sceptical of these claims, for example I took Low Dose Naltrexone for several years and it had no noticeable effect.

I am a firm believer in a healthy diet and exercise but its a long time since I build up a real sweat through exercise, MS Fatigue alwys gets there first of all. Things like the SWANK diet are just too difficult and why should I give up my rare steak and glasses of red wine every week. However Coconut oil sounds plausible.

Any exprience one way or the other out there.

Let me know,


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hi patrick

i use coconut oil because i like the taste,

havent notices any improvement in my ms though

carole x

I use this a skin cream and in cooking , for example in cakes etc. I had a gallbladder removed and this oil is easier to process and is not as harmful. Cant say if it helps but for me its good. Alot of the diets fecommend . Zoe

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I use coconut oil in all my cooking. Not sure if it’s helping the ms but I do t have any symptoms at present. I don’t follow swank diet but I try to eat paleo which means I can have rare steak, yay! X

People with Parkinson’s swear by this product. The purest virgin coconut oil is supposed to be best although you need to take a lot for it to work. I have seen a good recipe for use in a coffee to help with the taste as you need I believe to take 2 teaspoons in the morn and at night at least. Lots of stuff on the internet about this too. I use in cooking but not been brave enough to take off a spoon

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Where can you buy this coconut oil from? I am lucky enough to have the majority of the large supermarkets within stumbling distance.


I bought mine from Amazon (uk) and gave it a good try but it didn’t do much. I loved the taste though.

My daughter got me a jar ages ago, it’s still in the cupboard, I did try it, yuk it was like trying to eat a candel, then it got warm and turned to water, just looked its solid again now, don’t think I will try again unless someone could prove it would help,

I’d never heard of it then my daughter came back from uni, she had some from the shop near Belgium.

She uses it in cooking instead of butter or oil. Smells and tastes lovely but i didn’t know it might be good for us MSers.

May start pinching it!

Jen x

I used coconut butter I think it was called and had no benifit from it other than it was awful

You can get it in any health food shop. I add a teaspoon to a green tea in the mornings. Can’t say I like it but I thought it was good for skin, hair etc, so I’m extra pleased if its good for my MS.

Sophietrying to be healthy, find i feel much better for it, but could all be psychological. Any way i try no dairy, sugar or wheat. But i love chocolate. I make lots of raw “candy bars” which use coconut oil and yesterday discovered home made chocolate, cocoa, and coconut oil were the base. They are or rather were yummy. Never heard of coconut oil helping with ms but is good for you, but expensive. Holland and barret do it, wait til their penny sale, or if no offer on at holland and barret it becomes too expensive and tesco then becomes cheaper!

Oh and try frying thai fish cakes in it, mmmmmmm


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Thai fish cakes sounds good fried in anything yummmmmmm, followed by chocolate any, lots. (Oh I wish) lol

I have just purchased one called Coconut Oil Cusine, its organic and is mild and tasteless apparently this one. It has good reviews and it has been lightly steamed removing all the coconut flavour so it doesn’t change the taste of the food. Some of the other coconut oils have a strong taste. Will let you know what it’s like :slight_smile:

Doesn’t it have a high saturated fat content, or is that not important?

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It is a saturated fat, which the best bet diet says you shoul not have, i am on the bedt bet diet, but need something to replace choc, so still use it. Figured it i did not i would completely fail on best bet diet. Its a case of measuring up what you can/cant do, bit of a bend to fhings must be better than failing properly, thats how i see it,

You can get three big tubs on amazon for about £20.

I try to have a tablespoon at least a day, either frying with it, in smoothies or coffee. It’s meant to be good for loads of health things, so why not? Plus its YUM.

Hello, I am very new to this forum and very interested about coconut oils.

On the BBC News website last month it was discussed that:

" Coconut oil ‘as unhealthy as beef fat and butter’ "

" Coconut oil is as unhealthy as beef dripping and butter, say US heart experts.

It is packed with saturated fat which can raise “bad” cholesterol, says the American Heart Association in updated advice.

Coconut oil is commonly sold as a health food and some claim the fat in it may be better for us than other saturated fats.

The AHA, however, says there are no good studies to support this. "

I used to buy it but have stopped now as I’m unsure if it’s good for us.

Also that statins reduce cholesterol and there’s the current clinical trial of statins as a treatment for PPMS. High cholesterol may not be good for MS?

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I love Coconut but only in a Bounty. That`s my limit.