Linoleic acid

Hi… A question that I was hoping people can help with… Recently saw a dietician and she said I need to be ensuring that I am getting Linoleic acid in my diet to help with MS …
However it’s main foods are sunflower oil which is then High in saturated fat… And nuts which I can’t eat due to IBS… Is this still a recommendation and if so how do people get this into their diets whilst following OMS diet?? Are supplements the best option?? Thanks in advance for any help!

I believe linseed oil contains this, not very pleasant but I do try and take a spoonful each day.

Wendy x

linseeds are also a good natural laxative.

not that i’ve tried them.

carole x

ps they are also good for protecting wood.

I take a spoonful followed by 2 glasses of water; as advised by someone on this site, the fibre does seem to help, better than albran anyway. x

On my first meeting with my MS nurse in August 2012 I was told the NHS guidelines for care of MSers was to tell us that there was evidence that linoleic acid might help but that susbsequent contrary evidence led the MS team to view the advice with “fad” diets.

I haven’t heard of sunflower oil being high in saturated fat. The British Heart Foundation encourages swaping saturated fats for unsaturated fats and lists sunflower oil as polyunsaturated fat (

Thank for the replies…

Maybe be in getting sunflower oil mixed up with something else.

the neurologist reccommended looking up diet changes… But those have triggered the IBS flare up, so saw the dietician and she’ mentioned the Linoleic acid.

linseed oil not sounding good for me at the moment as I need to reduce the fibre in my diet… And most of the nuts on the list that are good for if are also high in fibre.

maybe need to quiz the dietician more!!

Thabks agai. For your replieS