MS induced IBS diet suggestions

Hello all, I have spinal lesions & along with that have developed a very irritated & unreliable digestive system. Sometimes constipation, sometimes very painful spasms, sometimes the big D, rarely any normality. A colonoscopy has ruled out other problems. Can anyone tell me if diet will actually alleviate some of these symptoms & bring about a more stable system? It’s the most debilitating, restrictive & mortifying symptom I have. I eat a very healthy diet. A lot of fresh fruit, veg, & homemade brown gluten free bread. I am now wondering if I eat too much fibre. As usual, advice would be appreciated. I feel so unhappy & stressed about this. Thanks Anne

Hi Anne

I have similar problems to you. The only advice I can offer is to make sure you drink plenty of water with the fibre. I’ve recently been using flaxseeds instead of bran; it does help but I’ve found I definelty need to increase my liquid intake.

Good luck, I know how you are feeling. Sitting here with spasms in my ribs and pain in my back. Must go and take Amitriptyline.

Take care

Wendy x

Hi I have a friend, who doesn’t have MS, but does have ibs and he takes charcoal tablets after every meal which he swears by. Also his doctor told him to have no more than three portions of fruit a day.