Summer seems like yesterday (oh that's right - it was!)

Just went out for some lunch and bit of shopping… didn’t do my usual winter ‘Scott of the Antartic on his mobility scooter’ impersonation. Big mistake!

It’s really cold out there!!! Yesterday I was sitting in garden soaking up the sun… today I was shivering and couldn’t wait to get home.

Oh well, was nice while it lasted.

Have a good weekend everyone and keep warm,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

mmm Summer can we only dreamnot to hot not too cold/ need to help too cut grass

Lov Jan xx

Hi Pat, I know the good weather was welcomed by many, but it did me in!

Today it is too cold.

cant chuffin win, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Pat

Well it’s April Fools day and it’s warm again here, after the cold yesterday I thought we were beck to our usual March weather. I had a shock this morning when when my middle daughter showed me a pregnancy test and said here’s child number 5. Then I thought ‘how?’, her husband’s had a vasectomy. Then I remembered the date !!!

I had to laugh but I think it was the relief, anyone else had an April Fool joke played on them??

Lynne xx

Ha ha Lynne, bet you nearly passed out!

I heard a good one on Radio 4 news today. Government are going to reduce pensions of people that don’t attend keep fit classes. I was outraged! Then they said that gym equipment was being put in post offices for people to exercise on while queuing up for pensions… that’s when the penny dropped!

Have a great Sunday,

Pat x