OMG I won the lottery jackpot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotcha! April Fool

Pat x


I thought not. Me neither.

A couple today have got me going. There’s an article on the BBC about new powers for GCHQ to read everybody’s e-mail. At least, I hope it’s an April fool, as it’s all too believable. :frowning:

Then I tried to use Google Maps to plan this afternoon’s walk! OMG! Like a throwback to the 1980s - all in pixelated graphics, as if viewed on a ZX81 (remember them?) Couldn’t plan my walk at all, and took me some time to work out how to resore normal function.

Finally, I got a mailshot from a travel company I’ve booked with in the past. They had some very implausible-sounding holidays, which they strangely billed as “fantastical”, rather than “fantastic”. I thought that was an odd use of grammar, then realised they really did mean “fantastical”, because none of the advertised tours really existed. A shame, as I quite fancied some of them.




Did you hear about the world record jackpot in the USA that paid out $656m (£409m) this weekend?


Bill. x

Awe Pat, I thought you were for real - was going to kiss your hands and feet and lick…nah - you got ME!

Happy April fools - perhaps a forerunner to winning the real thing?



Hi Anitra, I heard a couple on Radio 4. On a news programme this morning they did a piece on the government reducing people’s pensions unless they went to weekly keep-fit classes. I was completely taken in and outraged! They interviewed a ‘spokesman from the DPW’ and everything… then at the end they said that gym equipment would be put in post offices so pensioners could exercise while queueing up for pension… that’s when I realised I’d been fooled.

Next one was after The Archers. They said that from now on the Archers will be updated and all the villages will be moved to an urban environment. I did catch onto that one right away but bet there were a lot of fuming listeners out there.

I remember in the 60’s my parents being taken in by a news item on how the Italians grow spaghetti…

A good laugh…

Pat x

Blimey Bill that’s too much money! A few million I could handle but honestly there are limits!

Pat x

Ha if only! I wouldn’t mind winning enough to be able to live without claiming benefits for the rest of my life!!!

Dream on…

Pat x

Sadly, it seems the surveillance one was true. And there was me, thinking it was so outrageous, it had to be an April fool. Not passed into law yet, though, so I bet they never get it through parliament.

Might be a deliberate piece of scaremongering, so that when they introduce some other invasion of privacy, everyone will say: “At least it’s not as bad as we thought it was going to be…”



bguvdsz coooooool

Hi Pat

Lol and I was going to say can I be your friend - rofl

((((((Hugs)))))) xxx Mary

i’ll have what you’re having

Hi i feel like i have won the lottery

i had a call from my OT to inform me that i can have a indoor/outdoor power chair

this will make a huge diffrence to my life, i have not left the house in 3 months

as i cant self propell my wheelchair and my wife has hurt her knee.

I had been told i could only have a indoor power chair,so i was suprised and delighted

we the OT phoned me.

Can anyone explain what the diffrence is between a indoor/outdoor chair and a complete outdoor chair ?

In my excitment i forgot to ask the OT this question and many more


Size of wheels and chair I think. I have purchased an outdoor chair which does work in shop/hospitals etc but is far too big for my home.