Summer coming & my thoughts turn to electric fans

My small electric desk fan died at the end of last summer… but really was never much cop.

I’ve been on Argos looking at tower fans… but very conflicting reveiws.

I want a quiet one if poss… did look at one called (I think) Honeywell Quiet Tower Fan but some of the reviews not good… some saying it didn’t work properly.

Any recommendations from you MS folk?

Some seem expensive (the Quiet one nearly £100)… but I am prepared to pay that for a really GOOD fan. Like many of us… I find the heat very hard to deal with.

Thanks… Pat x

(though NOT complaining about seeing the sun shining today… lovely!)

Hi, I use a large desk type fan.

I dunno, never stop complaining do we? Cant move for the cold and go floppy in the heat!

luv Pollx

I know Poll it’s daft isn’t it?

I’ve decided I’d like 4 seasons in a day. Lovely Spring mornings. An hour or two of Summer around early afternoon, mellowing into a beautiful Autumn evening… and cold, cosy night.

It IS hot here in London today… but I promise I’m not complaining (yet!).

Pat x

Hi Pat

Personally, I swear by ceiling fans. I have one in my bedroom and one in the lounge. Unfortunately they are rather noisy when turned up to full blast, I have to turn the bedroom one down to low speed in order to get to sleep, I do however finally get some sleep.

Oh and I bought a cool tie the other year and have found it to be a very good way of keeping cool if you need to go outside.

You soak it in cold water for half an hour and it expands, you are then able to tie it around your neck; when coming in contact with a vein (I think it might be the jugular) it cools the body down. You can use it over a couple of days before you need to soak it again.

Anyway good luck with your search for a fan.

Wendy x

Hi Pat,so you’re a fan of quiet fans,but what I’ve come to realise with fans is the more power the better.The biggest one I’ve got is about 2 feet across and sounds like a hovercraft on full chat.Consequently I’ll switch it on with the remote control and turn the TV volume up to 11.I reckon it shifts more air in 3 minutes like that, than being at minimum power all the time.

If memory serves(ho ho) this thing was £25 ish from Homebase 3-4 years ago.I’ve looked at that new Dyson thing they’re advertising,but it’s about £350 and there are no customer reviews so I’ll be keeping my sporran tightly shut.

As for us over-heating a good way to cool down is to run cold water over your wrists for two minutes.In that time all your blood will have passed through and this lowers the core temperature.We are a whingeing bunch though, as the sun shines for two days and we’ve all got heatstroke and are Googling snow shoes.

Be lucky,

Wb x <(L)>

Hi I’ve just ordered two of those cooling neck scarves …as the temperature is rising, I’m suffering !! They sound just the trick.

Sadly no idea about fans but to enhance the cooling effect, try placing a frozen bottle of water in front of its sweep. Don’t fill the bottle right up to the top before freezing though.

Hi H, can’t resist chortling about you talking about icy scarves and your avatar .That’s not what happens if you wrap the scarves around your feet to cool them down is it?

OK Pat, hijack over,

Wb xx

Oooohhhhh noooooo…I can manage to fall all by myself…in fact yesterday it culminated in me rolling down a grassy hill like a 5 year old, laughing like a loon !! Xx

Hijack as much as you like!

Going on Amazon to buy cooling neck scarves. Still can’t decide about fan…

(on other hand it’s not an end-of-the-world type decision).

Pat x

Hi Pat I got one from Argos that you pour cold water into and you can also put ice cubes into the water. It cools the air down, rather than just shifting warm air around. It really does work. Xx