Stopped treatment to start family

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any advice. I have stopped my rebif medication to start trying for a baby in a couple of months. Has anyone got any advice? I know once I fall pregnant the chance of having a relapse is slim but it’s the time before that I’m concerned about. Hope someone can help Rebecca x

Hi Rebecca

I’ve stopped Copaxone to try for a baby, I’ve been off it 4 weeks now. My MS nurse wasn’t concerned about me having a relapse before becoming pregnant, but I guess it depends on how long it takes. I’m a bit nervous about it, I really don’t want to relapse, so I’m somewhat anxious that I get pregnant quickly . Which I am sure is counter-productive!

The main advice I got was to rest a lot, eat well, and to keep an eye on my symptoms. Nothing really specific.

This is no help at all is it!

Thank you, my nurse said the same lots of me time etc. just wondered if there was anything else. How long you been on copaxone? Lets hope we both fall on quickly xx

I was on it 2 years in Feb, with no relapses while on it, so fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

I think with MS the real concern is a few months after the baby is born, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Hi Ladies - I am also in the same situ and have been given the same advice. Except I havent been able to stop my medication yet (Tysabri) I keep thinking to myself “ok - this month is my last dose” but I keep going back! I like you two am worried about the time between coming off treatment and falling pregnant.

I was told I will get my first dose of Tysabri about a week after having a baby when I do. As that is the time we would be more likely to relapse and they dont want you to relapse before you go back on your treatment as you may no longer meet the criteria to receive it.

Good Luck xx

Wishing you both lots of luck . I was pregnant when I was diagnosed and delayed starting drugs to have another baby with a small age gap . It’s tiring and I am not sure i would do the same again just get lots of help and take things easy . Number 2 is due in August all being well there will be a fourteen month gap . Ellie bb

All the best to you new mums-to-be - only advice l can give is do make sure you take a high dose vitd3 and vitb12. Then you know you are doing the best for yourself and the growing baby. My ms started when l became pregnant - 31yrs ago - and l am sure it was because my vitd3 levels were virtually non-existant. Not that l have ever regretted having my lovely daughter. l wish l had known back then about vitamin d3 deficiency. Also, make sure your children take vitd3 supplement. 1000ius daily for babies - 2.500ius for toddlers - then 5 to 10.000ius for adults.

Just google vitamind3deficiencyms for more info. Same for vitaminb12.


Hi I stopped rebif to get pregnant in 2007 however I still relapsed on it as it had little effect on me. I just made sure I took pregnacare to make sure I had all the vitamins rest healthy diet etc… I was lucky and fell within 2 months and mobility improved fo the ppregnancy. I would recommend you make sure you have plent of help aafter baby comes as is likely you will relapse after unless you are planning to not breastfeed and go back on treatment. Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps. I relapsed at 6 weeks. I’ve just had another baby and this time didn’t relapse until 7 months and breastfed exclusively until then. PM me if you eever wan to chat about it etc… Good luck

Hi Rebecca, I came off copaxone 15 months ago to start trying for a baby. I haven’t had many problems in that time. A couple of wobbles and I am mid-relapse just now. However I honestly think the current relapse is because I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with work -not because of stopping the copaxone. Lots of luck to everyone working on the baby making - hope it happens for us all soon. Rosie x

I came off beterferon in 2008 to have my daughter. My advice is keep yourself as healthy as you can. Eat well and drink plenty of fluids. Get plenty of rest. after having the baby get back on the treatment as soon as possible and start contriception as well. I had a hormone relapse after having my daughter I had only just started back on the treatment because of problems with my kidneys and i hadn’t had my contrceptive injection so I relapsed. Good luck

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your advive, nice to hear different stories. xxx