Relapse after child birth?

I had my little boy on Wednesday and have felt dizzy and tingling it my paranoia that this is the start of a relapse?

It terrifies me because I have no recollection of our daughter as a baby :-(

Hi Rebecca

Were you on a dmd before the pregnancy and are you breast feeding?

Teresa. x

Hello Teresa

I wasn't on anything before I was pregnant. I was due to start Copaxone but that was postponed due to pregnancy. I am not breast feeding.



Its very early to tell if you are relapsing or not.  You will be emotional as it is so soon after the birth of your lovely son and you will be scared of what is going to happen.  You are most likely very tired also.  Get as much rest as is possible, with a new baby i know it is hard and see if the feelings are still there or get worse.

If you are still having these feelings after a little while it may be a good idea to speak to your ms nurse about the copaxone as if you start it early and you are starting to relapse it may help to make it a milder one.

I asked about the breastfeeding as i dont think you can take the dmd's if you are .

Teresa, xxx



I was booked for a 6 week check up after baby (actually turned out to be 9 weeks as she arrived early) and again at 4 months.  I think once you get to 6 weeks you can restart meds.  I would deffo say don't breast feed as it drains everything out of you.  I've found that the first couple of weeks the sheer tiredness from unsettled nights was a killer (but it was tiredness), I fell asleep in my daughters easter assembly.  At 4/5 months I started relapsing with each baby.  Unfortunately this time my locum neuro tried to tell me it was related to a back problem, so it was a couple of months before I started treatment and by then it was too late.  My daughter is now 13 months and I'm still relapsing.  Started tysabri 3 weeks ago.  (Now killing myself laughing as baby has just tired to milk my husband)

Thank you all so much for your support. I have an appointment with my MS Nurse 11th May but I think I will contact her to bring it forward. Everything is really worrying me at the moment and I'm probably over-emotional with the hormones and lack of sleep but I will see what happens and what she says about it all and as you said, I was supposed to start Copaxone anyway so it's not going to be a waste of time.

The most annoying thing is me worrying myself about it and not enjoying my gorgeous little boy enough because I'm worrying and tiring myself, even when I can be sleeping I'm not because of all of this going through my head :-(

Hi again Rebecca

just wanted to say that i relapsed after both my children but it was not for a little while after their births.  I had no idea i had ms after my first child and then after my second the diagnosis came pretty quickly.

I then realised i had had it a while.

The point i wanted to make was - if i had been diagnosed before pregnancy then my decision would have been to get the dmd asap after birth .

I have been on the dmd now for 6 and a half years and have had no more relapses since. lots of symptoms though!!!

It would be my opinion that to bring forward your appointment would be a good idea so that you can offload all your worries to your ms nurse and if it is decided that you go on the dmd then you will get the meds sooner.

Talking it through sooner will help you also as if you keep worrying like this it could result in depression.

Enjoy that beautiful boy as they grow up tooooo fast! lol!!!

I hope this has helped .

Best Wishes

Teresa. x

Thank you Teresa I will try to get the appointment brought forward I couldn't bare to miss out on another baby I'm always going to feel guilty about not remembering Poppy as a baby and forgetting to feed her even my midwife is quite anxious about it all. At least they're aware of it now so it shouldn't get that bad before they realise and don't try to section me like they did when she was a baby...everything terrifies me about it all :-(

Hello again!

I dont remember a lot when my second child was born.  I feel the guilt still now and he is 7.  You are not alone in all this.  You have an advantage over me that you know about your ms and you can make treatment decisions.

I have been thinking of you since Wednesday as i can so relate to all this.  Let me know how you get on, or pm me if i can help you at all.

Teresa. x



Find out about starting the injections. They can start once your blood test results are back to normal. Liver and kidney function especialy. If you take contriception you need to start that as well because your hormones will be all over the place which will effect your ms. Relapses normally happen 3 months or so after giving birth but there is no hard and fast rule. I found I waited to long after giving birth to my daughter before starting my DMD and contriception and had a little relapse. Don't panic talk to your ms nurse if you have one and get yourself to your gp to take some contriception. Don't forget the baby blues don't last forever and enjoy your bunddle of joy


Congratulations on the birth of your son.  I really hope you stay well and that you very soon can concentrate on enjoying your newly-expanded family.