MS post pregnancy


i was just wondering how other women with RRMS have coped post pregnancy?

I had had my little girl 3 months ago and pregnancy was okay - I relapsed at the start, (twice) and felt as though one was coming on towards the end so I took my maternity leave early. In between I was great, the best I have felt in a long time, but now Im struggling.

I feel as though relapse is lurking, my vision is a little blurred, I have bouts of numbness and I just don’t quite feel myself. I feel as though im in limbo, as though I am in a state of semi-relapse. Has this happened to anyone else?



P.s I was diagnosed in January, a few days before I found out I was pregnant so I started treatment (copaxone) 2 months ago

Hi Tasha

I relapsed after the birth of both my children. I started to feel unwell about 6 weeks after their births. The relapses were bad ones (i was not diagnosed at the time) and not on treatment.

I think it was a good idea to get on Copaxone quickly.

You may be having a relapse but the copaxone will hopefully make the severity of it a little milder.

As you have not been on copaxone for very long it may not be working to ‘full effect’ yet and therefore this relapse is happening albeit it being milder than it might have been.

Stay on the copaxone and don’t push yourself too hard. A new baby is hard work so accept as much help as you can get. Rest as much as you possibly can.

If people offer their help - take it!!!

I hope this relapse continues to be mild and also short lived.

Congratulations on the new baby. xxx


Thanks Teresa, I think you are right a bit of rest will do me good. roll on the Christmas break when the hubby is off!

Tasha :slight_smile:

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You have had a difficult year Tasha. It must have been a rollercoaster! …being diagnosed and pregnant at the same time must have been really hard.

Hopefully as the copaxone starts to work you will feel a bit better.

I was diagnosed 10 years ago now after the birth of my second child. My ms was at it’s worst at this time. I think it’s quite common for women to have a relapse after birth.

It is really important to look after yourself at this time and be a bit selfish. Only do the things you really have to do, so your body can recover. Just put the energy you have to looking after the baby and forget the unimportant things like housework. The more you push yourself - the longer the recovery time will be.

Have a nice xmas. Your hubby is going to be a busy man!! Ha Ha!!!