Tysabri and Pregnancy

Hi everyone

I am on Tysabri and have been for almost 2 years. Hubby and I are about to start (or try to) a family. When I first started it was suggested that you come off the treatment 3 months before you start trying but the new advice is that you can stay on it until you fall pregnant.

Just wondered if anyone has any presonal experiences to share…my tysabri group have mainly all already had families so I just wondered if anyone else is in my boat?

Thanks - Hxxx

Hiya, had my family too, however a young lady who regulary had tysabri wiv me was in the same boat. Yeap she carried on right up till knew she was expecting… Pregnancy all gone well ( is her first) and she due this month… And going to resume tysabri after the birth … Think she was worried about stopping treatment, but had been fine. Good luck with all! Take care xxxxx

Hi, I know nothing about tysabri but you might be interested in my experience anyway. I stayed on betaferon until I knew I was pregnant both times. I now have a 12 year old and an 8 year old and there have never been any problems relating to my betaferon use. Cheryl

Hi I can’t speak for tysabri but I was on copaxone and the neuro said it was fine to stay on it right up until I knew I was pregnant. I’m now 7 months pregnant and will go back on copaxone straight after the birth. The neuro also said to be wary of the MS nurses as they will ALWAYS say you should come off your meds 3 months before but he had a different approach. Best of luck! Xx

Thanks Guys. Thats interesting about the nurses Lisas - there stance was always to come off it 3 months before and then one of them has just come back from mat leave herself and she said I can stay on it until I fall pregnant.

Where you all quite well with pregnancy? I hear most people are but it can be after you have a baby you could get issues?

Thanks for replying xx

Hayley, I was fine when pregnant. I am not advising you here but if you want to stay on it until you are pregnant, I guess that what you do, is just not mention that you are trying for a baby. It was so hard to get on betaferon 13/14 years ago that if I came off to try for a baby I would have had to go on a waiting list to get back on it so I couldn’t risk that so I just continued until I was pregnant and so never officially came off the betaferon iyswim. Good luck with trying for a baby. Cheryl:-)

I’ve been pretty well throughout my whole pregnancy so far. I’m 7 months now and starting to get tired. I do have the fear about what may happen after the baby is born but I’ll just have to get straight back on the copaxone and hope for the best x