Hi everyone,

This is a really vague post but my husband and I are thinking of trying for our first child :slight_smile: I am going to see the Neurologist tomorrow for a check up and my mind is a blur with excitement and questions! I don’t even know where to start!

Are there any blindingly obvious things I should remember to ask?! I am aware that I need to discuss the temporary stop on my Betaferon medication but I have no idea what else!

I would just like to hear some ideas and stories from you guys to try and give me some focus before I see him tomorrow!!

Cheers :slight_smile:

I have a 2 year old daughter and was on beferon before having her. I stopped injecting 3 months before trying for lilly and did have a little relapse but all wasn’t to bad and could of been related to stopping the jabs but I also got an eye infection around that time so who knows. I had a fantastic pregnancy and was lucky to fall really quickly. It was abreeze and the birth was really good too. I was induced on my due date as I had a glucose intolerance. I had an epidural because I had been at it for quite sometime and needed a break.But 48 hours for the very first pessery I gave birth to lilly no hassle. I had no baby blues or post natal depression and felt great after giving birth. I had a problem with my liver after the birth prob to do with the diabetes and had to wait to restart my injections. 6 months after having lilly I had another relapse due to hormone levels dropping. I should of restarted my contraception sooner and after some steroids and a dose of hormones I was sorted.
So do it but be aware of resateing your injections asap and get you hormones under contol and don’t eat your own body weight in domuts causing diabetes.

I had to wait for me blood tests to come back as normal as they can be. My liver was bashed abit by pregnancy and so were my kidneys but as soon as my bloods were fine I restarted the injections that took longer than I wanted and was about 5 months after birth. I felt that if I hadn’t had pregnancy induced diabetes it would have been alot quicker and I also had a bacerial infection in my urine that needed to be treated with antibiotics after birth so it all took time. My advice is keep yourself as healthy as you can during the pregnacy and get conttriception and injections sorted out asap after birth.

Ah thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I have been advised already that I should come off the Betaferon for at least a year before even trying, is this the same advice everyone else has had?

Also, is breast feeding out of the question?

reference the advice to come off betaferon for a year... I am no expert, but this sounds extremely conservative (and damaging???) based on what I've been told and read.

Please do some research... but our previous consultant told us that in USA, there are very many mothers who accidentally got pregnant whilst on betaferon, and that there are no significant effects on the resulting pregnancies.  So stopping a couple of months before sounds fine to me.

But PLEASE use this post just as encouragement to find out more.  I say again, I am no expert.

Seems such a long time to come off before trying! I am also trying, and I had to come of tysabri 3 months before. In terms of going back on after, my Neuro said have one weeks breast feeding as that’s when the milk has important nutrients in it, then it’s straight back on tysabri for me.

Hi, I kept taking betaferon until I was actually pregnant with both pregnancies. No problems at all and my children are now 10 and 6. The reason I did this with the first pregnancy was that at that Time it was hard to get onto betaferon and I knew that if I said I was coming off it to try for a baby I would not have been able to get back on to it. So I said nothing and no one questioned it!