Trying to get pregnant - one for the ladies

Hi all, Hope everyone is well. I’ve been on the site since I got diagnosed 4 years ago and read a lot but don’t really post. So hope you don’t mind me butting in. We got married last year and decided to start trying for a baby. I stopped copaxone in Feb 2012, gave it 3 months to leave my system and started trying in May 2012. A year on and nothing has happened… However my cycle is all over the place, I get a period every 6-8 weeks and have absolutely no idea when I’ m ovulating etc. Has anyone else had this experience after coming off the MS drugs? I’ll be 35 this year so hoping to start the baby making sooner rather than later :slight_smile: Thanks for your help, Rosie

Hi, I always had a problem getting pregnant but I have 3 children now. I used a kit which looks like a lipstick and measures saliva. Its called a saliva prediction kit. Its cheap not invasive and after a yr of trying used this and fell pregnant in the first month. Id give it a go x

Im not on any meds at present but that is the next avenue for me. However I’m posting as my periods prior to having my lil.boy and when trying to conceive were very much like yours …think ky longest gap betweenthem was 52 days. I had fertility tests done after a about 17months of trying which came back fine and ironically whilst I was having these I got pregnant. I think cos at that time we both said right lets forget it for now and see what these tests showed we relaxed, well our bodies did. We now have a nearly four year old…we’ve made the decision one child is all we want as my m.s has been a bit naughty of late plus my birth experience was very traumatic. Good luck to you hun, I’m sure it’ll happen. I’m not sure meds affect your periods at all but I may be wrong x

I did a wee on a stick ovulation tests and discovered that I release an egg not long after my period?? Who’d of thought it. I wasn’t even aware until trying to get pregnant I always assumed that it was happening midway through my cycle. I now have a beautiful 3.5 year old called Lilly. But no problems due to the beterferon, just my wonky cycle. Good luck

Thanks so much for the replies! Very reassuring to know the copaxone hasn’t ruined everything! I hadn’t even heard of the saliva test kit and will definitely give it a try. Thanks again, Rosie

Hi rosie

came across your post (thank you) and just wondered how you got on?

we are trying for baby number 2 just now. I fell pregnant after coming of Copaxone within two months and made the decision to start trying again soon after I stopped breastfeeding my little girl, rather than going back on meds again. I fell pregnant again within two months but sadly miscarried at 8 weeks. Trying again now but it is taking longer and my biggest concern is being of medication all this time.

sending you lots of love :slight_smile: