Copaxone and infertility

Hi all, had first appointment since diagnosis with neurologist yesterday, as lemtrada is currently not available for first treatments & I am hoping to have a child they have suggested copaxone & then after having a child going on something stronger. I have to have another MRI first to see what’s going on. I’m worrying because we have been trying since February last year, had initial checks done & all seems okay & doctors advise need to be trying for 2 years before being referred to fertility clinic. Has anyone ever been in this situation? I feel so lost & in such a rut with it all. I’m thinking of maybe going private & paying for checks as I’ve read that copaxone isn’t that effective so long term I don’t really want to be on it. I’m 32 and 33 at end of year so not getting any younger, if only I’d known I’d get MS I’d have tried a couple of years ago. Everything is just a battle at the moment.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


I was diagnosed at 30 with rrms, I’d already had fertility issues and had undergone 1 unsuccessful round of ivf in my early 20s. That was with my 2nd to last partner. I was with my previous partner for 10yrs during diagnosis…now, at 40, with my current partner, with rrms, on copaxone for most of the past 10yrs, having tried to get pregnant for almost 16yrs…we have a beautiful baby daughter 10 months old, conceived naturally after just 7 weeks together…you just never know what’s round the corner…best of luck xx Ps. I continued with copaxone all through pregnancy