Diagnosed with MS and trying to get pregnant

I have posted this on new diagnosis forum. I post this again here hoping to get more answers.

I dx with MS a couple of months ago. my symptoms started with numbness in right side of body followed by occasional burning/tingling sensation in right foot and hand. I am not on any medication yet and waiting for my next MRI to see how much the lesions changed over this 3 month period. My symptoms remains the same since they started.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now. We have done all the fertility test and both of us are normal and it seems we have unexplained infertility. We wanted to do the first round of iui exactly the time when my symptoms started, so we cancelled our iui appointment.

I am seriously thinking about it right now. My neuro told me you can get pregnant with ms and many women do but I am really worried how this process is going to be with this new diagnosis. Should I start medication right now or I should avoid it while trying to conceive? And what will be the effects of ms medication on the success of fertility treatments if there is any?

Is any one here diagnosed with ms and facing with infertility at the same time? has any any one tried iui/ivf? Were they successful? Did you experience any major relapse after iui/ivf?

Any advice for now??

The Barts Blog have confirmed Copaxone is safe in pregnancy.

“The good news is that the EMA have allowed the pregnancy guidance of glatiramer acetate to be updated; in short GA is safe in pregnancy.”

I am 34 weeks pregnant and I take copaxone. It’s safe during pregnancy as it doesn’t cross the placenta. Speak to your neuro if you want to start a medication as this could be the one for you. I can’t offer any advice on the ivf I’m afraid. Best of luck xx


I have just joined this forum as think I am having a relapse and I wanted advice and support from people who have the same issues. I came across your post and I can totally relate to this. I have recently just had my miracle baby who is now 5 months old through fertility treatment. When I was diagnosed I was being reviews annually and there was discussion of started medication. I explained I wanted to start a family and was advised that I should not take meds while trying for a baby. I had the decision to either start meds and delay family or delay meds. For me my symptoms were not too extreme so I decided to delay medication. I was then referred to fertility clinic and was given fertility drugs which worked on the third time round. I had a really normal pregnancy and labour and I have a healthy baby boy. They do say you relapse after pregnancy which I think is happening to me now and when I get symptoms I get stressed and anxious which I think makes my symptoms worse. My baby is keeping me busy but carrying a heavy baby is making the muscle pain worse. I would not change that for the world! If you have any more questions I can try answer if I can.

Kind regards


MS Trust; advice on pregnancy


Hi, whilst I believe that everyone has the right to decide if they want a family or not, I’m interested to know how they feel about the possibility of being a very disabled parent? This has interested me with people who have HSP (my diagnosis) as well as MS.

I’m not looking to discuss the rights and wrongs of this, just what their thoughts are.

I hope no-one is offended by my question.

Love pollsx