Diagnosed with MS and trying to get pregnant

Hi everyone, I am new to this community and wasn’t quite sure where to post this. I dx with Ms a couple of month ago. my symptoms started with numbness in right side of body followed by occasional burning/tingling sensation in right foot and hand. I am not on any medication yet and waiting for my next MRI to see how much the lesions changed over this 3 month period. My symptoms remains the same since they started (now 3 month).

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now. We have done all the fertility test and both of us are normal and it seems we have unexplained infertility. We wanted to do the first round of iui exactly the time when my symptoms started, so we cancelled our iui appointment.

I am seriously thinking about it right now. My neuro told me you can get pregnant with ms and many women do but I am really worried how this process is going to be with this new diagnosis. Should I start medication right now or I should avoid it while trying to conceive? And what will be the effects of ms medication on the success of fertility treatments if there is any?

Is any one here diagnosed with ms and facing with infertility at the same time? has any any one tried iui/ivf? Were they successful? Did you experience any major relapse after iui/ivf?

Any advice for now??

HI, if you post this on the everyday living board, you may get more answers.

Sorry, but I dont feel able to answer your question, but there will be others who can.


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Hi. I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS and after successful ivf 4 years ago. Failed Fet 2 years ago we have decided to go ahead with further ivf to give my son a sibling. Saw neuro Thursday who said it was up to me whether I went on meds before starting ivf or wait and go for ivf and then start afterwards. The meds would stop once you started fertility treatment so we are going down the ivf route asap and hopefully get pregnant! I’m nearly 36 and wonder how my ms will be in 5 years but can’t let that stop me doing what I want right now, good luck. Xx

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Hello, I have just been diagnosed this week, symptoms started in November when my son was four months old. Symptoms Have waxed and waned, but overall are better now than they were. I had to go to IVF to have him after going through four years of lesser fertility treatments. I mentioned this to my neuro, as we would like another child but clearly it isn’t going to be a case of us being able to say we’ll start trying and be pregnant in a few months. We want to not prevent pregnancy and see what happens as I don’t think I could go through IVF again now that I do have a child. He told me there is one drug shown to be safe whilst pregnant, copaxone I think it was, but I decided to stay off treatment for now and see how I go. I was reassured that if I do relapse again in the near future and therefore need to start a DMD, it would not be the end of my hopes for another pregnancy. My neuro was very good at explaining to me that current advice is to start a DMD as early as possible, but there is no way to know whether by not taking them you would end up worse, as there is no long term data. He did say that if I were to relapse within two years, he would push me to take them as that would show my MS to be very active. For now he was happy for me to watch and wait if that’s what i preferred.

Interstingly, he said that there is some research that suggests that IVF can lead to relapses, due to the strong hormones involved. So much is not understood though so I would not let that put you off. My MS has only started since having my son, and I wouldn’t change a thing, he was worth it all and I would do it all again for him. Good luck with it all!

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Thank you for you comment!! I think I go for iui and then ivf soon. Best of luck for both of us :slight_smile: