IVF and MS

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is quite a niche topic/irrelevant for most, hopefully the thread title will mean most will skip past it if it’s irrelevant to them.

I’m about to start IVF to conceive a second child. My son is 4 1/2, conceived by IVF and I had my (I think first) relapse when he was 4 months old which eventually led to my diagnosis.

At the time the neurologist said the IVF could have been the trigger that kicked it off (obviously I was already genetically predisposed)

So naturally it’s on my mind that if we go ahead with this again there is a risk of another major relapse. I understand that relapses can occur in the months after giving birth anyway, but I remember it was quite awful at the time with such a young baby. I’ve had minor relapses/flares a couple of times since but not nearly so bad.

Really just putting this here to see if there is anyone who’s got experience and can offer any wisdom? I’m on copaxone as it’s the only DMD I could stay on whilst trying to achieve a pregnancy. Whether or not I would continue it though a pregnancy is a bridge to cross if we are successful I guess.

NB we have taken a lot of time to decide to proceed to this and I am not asking for advice on whether to go ahead with IVF or not. We will be…more just what to potentially expect when we do.


Hi, I cant respond on IVF, but I didnt have any relapses when i was pregnant or in the months after giving birth. I think it is personal to you and there is no way to predict what is likely to happen. It sounds as if you have decided to go ahead with IVF, my only advice is to relax as much as possible and enjoy the pregnancy when it happens and the baby, try not to stress. Good luck

Only just saw this!! I have had two IVF babies since my diagnosis in 2016…and then a natural big surprise! You will be fine. I don’t think MS and IVF treatment have any correlation. However, I did suffer a significant relapse and spent a week in hospital when my daughter was only 7 weeks old back in November, which was awful.I also had a relapse during my 3rd pregnancy and needed steroids. Good luck with your IVF.x