Not really sure x

Love the way that before you put in your message the question asks “body” oh yes! You must be asking about the one I can only feel 50 per cent of!! Alas it appears not! Sorry just made be smile for a split second! It appears that my feeling of 50 per cent is now abad thing and the doc has advised that its time to go on the copaxone. I can’t say I am best pleased, one,I really want another baby and two, well I suppose I will have to admit to myself that I have MS. See, I don’t tell anyone that I have it nor do I talk about it with my family. I do chat to my husband, who supports me in every way he can, but I know he worries. Some of my friends know, but, you get that look, that poor you look with a slight head tilt and I can’t take that. Anyway, apparently copaxone is safe to use while trying for a baby ( not sure that I’m happy with that) Has anyone else been on Copaxone while pregnant??? Can anyone give me advise about how to take copaxone? What the side affects my be?

Hi Poppy I am in the very same position as you. All started for me about 14 months ago now. Did well fora good while in the middle and since June I’m going though a really bad time. I have a 15 month old daughter and really want to try for number 2 but just as I felt I was coming out of the relapse more new symptoms started. Was hoping to avoid treatment and have a baby before things progressed. I am going into hospital and I think I am getting steroids and starting treatment :frowning: I still want a baby but something else has now come up that has slowed that plan. I won’t hijack your thread but I started another. I had something up here about having a baby a while ago and got some very negative scary responses - all with good intentions I presume but very negative. Maybe some people don’t understand the maternal thing … Yes I have MS but I want to own it - not it own me. Maybe it’s easy for me to say as its all new to me and I’m relatively well- even if I’m doing very badly the last few weeks… I’m hoping it will pass. I didn’t know copaxone was safe in trying for a baby… I will eagerly await responses to you poppy. Love Lilly xxx

Bless your heart Lilly!! I was reading your post and then realised you posted on mine! First let me congratulate you on 15 month old, mine too is a 15 months old too and he is a munchkin, but he is my munchkin! I was diagnosed with ms in 2009 just 11 months after I was married. My son is due to have a op on his kidney, so hubby and I decided to wait for number 2 until after that was sorted, but the ms appears to be getting worse i only hope the copaxone helps x

Oh poppy, Your poor baby. I hope its not too serious. My daughter is healthy after a very very rough pregnancy. Hard to imagine going through all that again but I want another baby and need to either go for it before this gets worse or not at all… It’s so hard to know. Some days lately I haven’t felt well enough for my little angel and wonder if I could even cope with 2… And would it be fair? I’m sure you have all the same concerns as me!! xxx

Oh yes! But I had a really great pregnancy just awful labour! 3 days!! Lazy little man!! I try and stay positive, I’m an only child and really don’t want that for him ( if I can help it) x

Hi there, yes I was on copaxone before I became pregnant and my neuro said it was fine to stay on it until I knew I was pregnant then I could stop it. I’m now 21 weeks pregnant so not taking copaxone again till after the birth. Not sure if I will breastfeed or not but if I don’t I will go straight back on the copaxone. My neuro said to be aware as some of the nurses are totally against you even being on copaxone when your trying to get pregnant but my neuro didn’t see a problem in that. Hope that helps some. All the best, Lisa x

Hi Lisa, that’s really helpful! Thank you so much. Congratulations and good luck for the future x x x

Lisa best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a very healthy new baby. I’m so envious of the stage you are at!! Really hope you stay well. Love Lilly xxx