Pregnancy and DMD's help

Hi everyone. not been on here for a while but needed some help and guidance from anyone who has gone through anything similar. So im 28 and have been diagnosed almost a year and have been on avonex since diagnosis. I have decided to start tecfidera but with the waiting times that won’t be until february. My concerns are that myself and my partner have recently been discussing starting a family in the new year. Im concerned about what pregnancy would be like with ms and then what my ms holds for me in the future and if that would be fair on a child. i have so many questions going on in my head. Do i tell the hospital now that im thinking of starting a family and would there be any point in starting the tecfidera in february only to stop it for 3 months before trying to become pregnant and to be off it for the duration of the pregnancy and breastfeeding if i decide. Has anyone else gone through this and feeling very undecided and not knowing what to so for the best. My partner thinks if i stop the DMD’s ill automatically be in a wheelchair next month, he makes me laugh sometimes, sometimes i think he doesn’t like to know too much as it scares him. (Although he would never admit this) any advice from new mums with ms or mums to be with ms would be great. Thanks x

Hi, sarah I am in a similar situation to u, in that I was diagnosed just under a year ago but at the time I was trying for a baby. I am 27 soon to be 28 and like u I was unsure about having kids when diagnosised, all the questions going around in my head. Such as wud I b well enough to look after a child wud it be fair on them etc the list goes on. I have since decided I cud be hit by a bus tomorrow and I am going to start to try again for a baby. At the time of diagnosis my neurologist wanted me to start on dmds straight away. At this time I said no as I wanted to try for a baby, but I then received a phone call from my neurologist saying I cud start copaxone which wud be safe if I fell pregnant so I am currently on copaxone and trying to get pregnant. I no there is debate between neruos on this but I have discussed it at length with my neurologist and have decided to go ahead. not sure if this helps and hope u get some of the answers u r looking for! Charlene x

I too was put on Copaxone and told by my neuro that it was ok to get pregnant then stop the copaxone immediately. I did ask for an oral med but I was told they weren’t safe to get preggers on. X