starting dmd and scared

Hello to all, bck again for any advice you may have.

Have been diagnosed 6 and half years and was initially offered dmd but decided to wait and see, silly I know but I really was doing well and if I have had relapses I was unaware of it. I have been very very fortunate and I know full well how bad ms can be as my sister and I cared for our mum who had progressive ms which was severe.

Lately I have been finding myself battling with myself as to ask about dmd or not. I have very good neuro who has always said the offer of dmd is there whenever I wished to begin and I feel that time has come.

I had another mri in December which showed three new lesions which my neuro said was a subtle change in 6 years so I have thought long and hard and feel tecdifera seems a possible option but I am really wary/scared about the tablets. Also thinking should I just leave alone as dong ok but at the same time there has been some new activity.

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

Mary xx

don’t waste your life worrying about what ifs.

get the tecfidera and start taking them immediately.

the side effects from taking the pills are virtually nothing. the potential consequences of not taking them (or any other DMD) can be severe (as you already know from familial history).

there is one aspect of this crappy disease over which you have an element of control, and that is the ability to at least try to mitigate its rate of relapse and progression of long term disability.

frankly, what are you waiting for?

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