Hello everyone,

I had a relapse back in December/January and have just received an email from my ms nurse requesting that I see my gp and ask to be referred back to the neurologist with the intention of starting on DMD’s! She said I should research them so I’ve got some idea as to which would suit me!

Does anyone have any opinions? I have rrms, diagnosed in 2010. No treatment so far!

Thanks in advance

Jen x

there is a lot of info on the ms trust website.

from my point of view, would you prefer injections or tablets.

these are the main options.

the other option is infusion (tysabri and lemtrada) but these are for highly active ms.

i started on daily injections of copaxone but switched to tablets - tecfidera as my injection sites were a mess.

read up on your options and your neuro and /or ms nurse should be able to guide you.

good luck

carole x


Thanks Carole, just reading up on them all now but its so confusing and so much to take in!

I’m sure I’ll work it out in the end!


For you, as a first line DMD, it’s a no brainer. It really is. Too easy.

Do not delay!

Good luck!

The MS Trust has a tool designed to help you make decisions about DMDs. The web address is

There are also, as Carole pointed out, a whole load of information about DMDs on their website. See for a huge quantity of publications which you can download or request as printed matter. There are so many there, that there’s a temptation to just order up loads of them, but if you do that you’ll probably read none!! So be selective and see what you really need right now.

It’s a big decision to make, ultimately I think Paolo and Carole are on the best therapy available right now, unless you have very highly active MS, in which case, look at Lemtrada and Tysabri.


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hi jen

as per sue and carole’s posts, i agree that you need to look into it.

personally i had rebif which i really didn’t agree with, or vice versa- bad sfx; i moved later onto gilenya which i have been on for a year and not relapsed on or had any crappy sfx.

hope that is of some help, fluffyollie xx