Help needed with choosing meds!!

Hi, I was diagnosed just before Christmas…great xmas present!!

I’m having my first appt with the ms nurse this week and I’m going to be choosing my dmd meds. I have been reading up on it and have all the info from the ms society but I am finding it a minefield!! Is there anything that anyone recommends or is it basically trial and error to see what side effects you may get?

I have had a few relapses over the years, prior to diagnoisis, but has been around 4 years between each one. I had steriods over xmas which made me feel fab again but I’m noticing numbness returning in my hand and heaviness in my legs plus some dizziness. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It sounds like I’m sitting on the fence but it really is your choice.

You have done the right thing by looking for information, taking advice, looking at the forum and seeing how different dmd’s affect different people.

There are some really good dmd’s and they each have there own side effects but you need to look to see which one will suit you best. I chose Tysabri despite being JC positive because I felt I could cope with the potential side effects better.

I wish you all the best and hope whatever DMD you choose that it works for you x

Thanks for your reply Pops,

I’m seeing the ms nurse tomorrow so hopefully will get a few of my questions answered and decide on something :slight_smile:

Poppy, my MS nurse gave me a link to this very useful site which sets out all the DMT drugs and you can choose up to 3 at a time to compare side by side. I found it immensely helpful. I chose Tecfidera in the end but as folks say, it is your decision. The link is below. Good luck.

Regards Trev

Hi Poppy1,

How did you appointment with your MS nurse go? Did you find it helpful with making a choice?


Hi thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

I had a good meeting with the nurse who talked me through all the options. I have decided to go for Copaxone (3x per week) although a little nervous about the injecting part! Just waiting for it to be delivered now!!

Anyone have any experiences with this?